American Idol Top 14 Results (4.15.19)

The top 14 contestants all sang one more song tonight whether or not they were safely secured into the top 10.

The results in my opinion were mostly in line with what I predicted. I was shocked that Uché and Alyssa Raghu were in the danger zone tonight. Fortunately they were saved by the judges (Lionel and Katy) in dramatic fashion towards the end of tonight’s episode.

America needs to wake up and vote for these talented two singers!!!

The 3rd singer saved by the judges was Dimitrius Graham. He convinced me tonight that he deserved a top 10 spot and rightfully so, Luke Bryan gave him a second life into the competition.

The four eliminated tonight were Eddie Island, Riley Thompson, Evelyn Cormier and Ashley Hess. It wasn’t enough for each of them to convince the judges to use their saves on them. I know each of them will continue to grow and hone in on their style as they move on from Idol. I wish them all the best!

Notable moments:

-Katy Perry running from the judges table to the stage to get a bucket of ice cream was LOL funny.

-Laine Hardy a.k.a. Bayou Boy continues to be the front runner it seems to America’s hearts and even Katy Perry’s, who was clearly infatuated with his sky-blue looks (sans blue suede shoes) and performance of “Hurricane” by Band of Heathens.

-Madison VanDenburg was the 1st one America saved tonight. She’s the leading lady in my eyes this season and I feel she will continue to sail through each week. Just need to vote and not let powerhouses like her go home early.

-I think Alyssa Raghu deserved a top 10 spot and it helped that she sang Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away.” Katy had a soft spot for her, so I knew she had to save her at the final minutes of tonight’s episode.

Final Remark:

-It would be cool if Idol brought back past contestants again to showcase what new works they got during the results show like they did in their FOX heydays. Perhaps later this season we can see some familiar faces back on stage including last year’s winner Maddie Poppe!

-Next week, it’s only going to get tougher as the top 10 battle it out to clinch another week safe into the competition. Good luck TOP 10!

Credit: American Idol

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