American Idol: Top 6 Performances + Results Recap

The top 6 performed songs from Woodstock which celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer and showstopper tunes. Christian contemporary and past Idol contestant, Lauren Daigle was this week’s mentor.

Here are my thoughts:

Madison VanDenburg — “Piece Of My Heart” by Janis Joplin
“I Surrender” by Celine Dion

Once again, she killed it!!! Madison continued to showed the judges she wants to WIN this whole thing! And we got to see the ponytail swaying about as she performed her 1st song, a Janis Joplin classic. She also incorporated the guitar playing too which was an added bonus. For her 2nd song, she sang Celine Dion’s “I Surrender” which was another home run for her! Happy her family got to be in the audience tonight as they RV-ed across the country from their NY hometown to root for her. With that said, I really hope she makes it to the top 2 and I predict she will and WIN!

Initial Prediction: Safe
Actual Result: Safe

Laine Hardy — “I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Joe Cocker
“Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry

Laine performed strong tonight! Everything from his look and style to his song choices and movement, he’s quite the entertainer. Katy Perry continued to fan girl over him especially in his second performance of Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.” Lionel and Luke had to playfully pull her back from running on stage mid-performance!

Overall, he’s getting more and more comfortable with his presence on stage week in and week out. I think he will be safe through to the final 2 with Madison.

Initial Prediction: Safe
Actual Result: Safe

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon — “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” by Joan Baez
“Somewhere” by Barbra Streisand

I really thought Jeremiah would be safe this week. He also knocked it out of the park with his vocals tonight in song #1 and song #2. In the first song, the Joan Baez hit, he started off on the piano then finished the rest standing sans the piano and he impressed all 3 judges as they all high-fived each other in agreement. He really did it “for the lordt” as Katy exclaimed during her critique. In the second performance, it started off very theatrical in my opinion. He put up another solid effort and he hit those high notes excellently in the second half of the song.

Initial Prediction: Safe
Actual Result: Eliminated

Laci Kaye Booth — “To Love Somebody” by Janis Joplin
“Open Arms” by Journey

Laci’s voice is so unique and it has helped her survive another week in this competition. Just when you think she’s out, she fights back even though her confidence levels may not be up high like Madison’s. With that said, I still enjoyed both of her performances tonight. Loved her Woodstock inspired looks in the first song! Her take on Journey’s “Open Arms” was very soothing to listen to. Beautiful job! 👏👏

Initial Prediction: Safe
Actual Result: Safe by the judges’ save

Alejandro Aranda — “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane
“Poison” (An Original)

I really thought he would be the one who got eliminated tonight but be saved by the judges’ save but he survives another week! I didn’t really dig the first song’s vibe but in his showstopper, his own original helped him win enough votes including mine. He’s better off doing more originals at this point since he knows what he’s comfortable with rather than trying to spin off something that’s he’s likely not a fan of. Great guitar skills overall in his original.

Initial Prediction: Eliminated (but judges will use save)
Actual Result: Safe

Wade Cota — “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Joe Cocker
“Through The Valley” by Shawn James

Wade continued to make strides in this competition by picking great songs which I think has helped him with the votes. I really thought this was the week he was going to be eliminated but America begged to differ putting him safely into next week’s show.

Overall, Wade performed with a lot of passion and energy in his first performance and in his second performance it was very raw and gritty. Luke called it a “Johnny Cash” moment and his efforts were “so believable!”

Initial Prediction: Eliminated
Actual Result: Safe


Last season’s Gabby Barrett returned to perform her new single, “I Hope.”

The Judges’ Save was also in play once again and the judges finally used their one and only save for the season on Laci!!! What are your thoughts? Should they have saved Jeremiah instead or were they right in using it on Laci? Let me know in the comments below.

Til next week as the top 5 vie once more to be safe another week. ✌️

Top 5 Photo 5.5.19


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