‘AGT’ Season 14: Weeks 3 & 4 Faves

My next batch of faves from the third and fourth episodes of auditions are the following:

Pour us another Dom!

My mind was blown at how Dom was able to get freshly poured glasses of beer in an instant!

More mind blowing magic!

Sos takes the spotlight and he did a really good job with his rapid fire sleight of hand act. Card magic for the win!!! It’s cool to know that his parents also competed on AGT a few years ago and now it’s his turn this year! Watch and be astounded!

A feel good performance from Tyler!

Tyler earned the Golden Buzzer and his performance will give you the feels! Great choice of song given his past experience being bullied for having cancer! Hearing it in this instrumental way was enjoyable.

Such an inspirational act!!

Michigan native and AGT host Terry Crews gave the Detroit Youth Choir the Golden Buzzer in an emotional manner. These kids are really talented and they deserve to go to the live rounds! Watch as they cover Macklemore’s hit song “Can’t Hold Us.”

Second times the charm!

Ansley wowed the judges on her second attempt in her audition. In the first try, the backing track was off according to Simon Cowell. The reset was a bit nerve wracking to watch. Good thing she belted out this Aretha classic acapella style excellently. Not many get second chances on the show and she made the most of it.

Who doesn’t love a wacky bird! đŸ™‚

You got to appreciate Michael Paul’s efforts in his audition. He could very well be the next Paul Zerdin. Ventriloquism is a tough skill to master. You need comedic timing and good puppet skills at the same time and he definitely has that down. Watch and laugh!!

So many talented doggos!!

Lastly, Dominguez Poodles were in my top list of favorite acts of the past two episodes. I commend the efforts of their owners. So cute watching these doggies do these amazing tricks! They’re one big happy family!!!

So there you have it folks. Which of these were your faves? Was there another act that you enjoyed more that wasn’t mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.

“America’s Got Talent” airs every Tuesdays at 8 P.M.


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