‘AGT’ Season 14: Week 6

Final round of AGT auditions

The final round of auditions aired this week and my next five picks worth watching are the following:

You want fries with that?!?

Kara excelled in her audition and I was laughing at her physical comedy and her actual comedy routine. She has a great and unpredictable delivery. I expect her to do well in the next round with more banter with the judges.

Mind reading FTW! How did they do that!??!

The Sentimentalists are basically this year’s Clairvoyants. Similar in delivery and setup. I’m always amazed at how mind readers do their thing and these two prove that once more! Watch to the very end to see how they survived elimination!

Strong and graceful moves!

Duo MainTenanT were so graceful in their performance. Simply flawless in their execution. You got to give it up for their acrobatic moves. When he balanced her on just his forehead, I was like OMG!

Power emanates from this girl group!

Revolution came out in full force with their act. I’m pleased they auditioned on the AGT stage/platform because they did what normally guys would have done with this routine. Great showmanship and display of fierceness with the drums and ropes and of course their feet!!!


Finally, we have Julianne’s Golden Buzzer act, Luke Islam! He wowed the audience with his rendition of Sara Bareilles’ “She Used To Be Mine” from the hit Broadway show, “Waitress.” After that emotional performance, he most definitely earned that live shows spot!

I really hope he gets to be on Broadway in his post-AGT career. Check out Sara Bareilles’ reaction tweet:

Well, there you have it! Next week kicks off the Judge Cuts! It’s time to start eliminating and only the best will move on. Guest judges such as actress Ellie Kemper and comedian Jay Leno will join the table this season and they will each have the Golden Buzzer power to save one act to move on.

AGT airs every Tuesdays at 8 P.M. only on NBC!


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