‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #1

Country music superstar Brad Paisley joined the AGT judges’ table last night as the show kicked off the “Judge Cuts” round. 18 acts performed for a chance at winning one of the 7 spots to the next round, one of which was Paisley’s Golden Buzzer pick. That pick would advance to the live shows!





The seven contestants that advanced yesterday were:


This is TALENT!

Lukas and Falco performed to the “The Greatest Showman” theme and I thought it was well executed. Falco is well trained, so talented and the charisma of this act will be fun to witness again in the next round.


Beats By Berywam

Berywam showcased their beatboxing skills with a lot of fanfare. I loved the variety of beats they came up with. They’re definitely a unique act and I hope they work even more in the next round to elevate their game.


The strength and power of this act is top notch!

They came all the way from Beirut exhausted and determined to wow the judges. And wow they did an amazing job performing all these acrobatic moves with such strength and balance. They’re the real deal!!! Job well done to these guys!


South African culture meets song and dance!

I love how we get to experience South African dance culture on the AGT stage. It was entertaining to watch them dance and sing to “Waka Waka” so energetically. They came prepared and I look forward to what’s in store next for this group. Positive vibes all the way!


A risk that pays off.

It takes a lot of courage to perform an original. Will the audience connect to it? Only time would tell. Fortunately for Chris, the judges and audience loved it. I applaud his efforts in doing this passionate original. I would like to see if he does another original next or if he does a cover. Great job Chris! 🙂


High jumping fun!

The Emerald Belles did a great job “working it out” that it felt like a dedicated workout session. They get compared a lot to being the Rockettes but I beg to differ. They are a true hard working, tight-knit dance group!


A bright shiny moment!

Such a feel good moment for young Sophie. She EARNED that Golden Buzzer for her original performance of “Misfits.” I’m always amazed at how these kids are able to have that level of talent at such an early age. For Sophie’s case, her song is very relatable to kids growing up and experiencing bullying whether online or in person. Judge Simon Cowell was right, she should spin her future songs in a more clever and positive light and stop highlighting the bullies. With that said, her work and preparation has paid off and I can’t wait to see what she does in the live rounds!

Tune in next week for the second round of judge cuts at 8pm only on NBC!


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