‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #3

The third round of Judge Cuts saw Emmy-nominated actress Ellie Kemper joining the judges’ table in a night filled with a lot of talent. 18 more acts took to the stage and only SEVEN would move on to the live shows at the famous Dolby Theatre. Several acts from the first round of auditions didn’t fare well in this round of the competition including young Ansley Burns and Melissa Arleth and her pet rat.

The seven acts who did made it should be proud of themselves for advancing and here in no particular order are this week’s best:

Golden Buzzer Recipient: Light Balance Kids

These kids have a bright future!

Light Balance Kids wowed all five judges last night! They did an exceptional job with all these well-timed moves and staging of colorful scenes. Everything from the mini basketball court game to the dancing robots, this performance was A+ worthy! Major props to them! To quote Kemper, “I want more!!” 😀

Sideshow Opera

A little bit of opera, a whole lot of DANGER!!!

Nick & Lindsay have a unique style of entertainment. From the death defying sledgehammer hitting a cinder block while lying down on pointy nails to operatic singing with razor blades down one’s throat, this is an exhilarating and cringing yet good mashup! This was one of my faves of the night. I hope they continue to elevate their game in the live rounds.

Marcin Patrzalek

The 18-year-old Polish guitarist is a really great guitar player. I can picture him having a bright career whether he wins AGT or not. Very passionate player, this is something you would love to hear at an outdoor cafe or on a gondola ride in Venice or anywhere for that matter!

Greg Morton

A blast from the cinematic past!

Greg is a pretty cool impressionist. He covered a lot of the critically acclaimed major movies in this performance such as Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings. I appreciated his efforts even more after watching this a second time. I wonder what he’ll cover in his live performance(s) in the coming weeks.

Carmen Carter

From being a background singer for many years to finally now being a solo singer and owning the AGT stage, Carmen Carter (“You better remember that name!) has the talent! She showcased an incredible version of “Come Together” from The Beatles. It felt like a rock and religious revival experience after seeing her perform. She brought the house down with those vocals!! 😎

Gonzo The Tambourine Man


Gonzo showed a lot of passion, dedication and enthusiasm. With that said, for some reason, I didn’t feel he deserved this spot. It’s the most absurd act in my opinion this season. It was funny the first time around but I wasn’t really digging his second performance. I guess the judges fit his niche demographic. I don’t see him winning but he’ll likely have his own dedicated fanbase moving forward.


All the feels!

This was a very touching performance. Singing Journey’s “Faithfully,” Mackenzie exuded so much heart and soul in his vocals. Everyone in the audience gave him a standing ovation and rightfully so he moves on to the live rounds! 🙂

Be sure to tune in to the next Judge Cuts round with comedian Jay Leno joining the AGT table next Tuesday at 8pm only on NBC!


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