‘AGT’ Season 14: Judge Cuts #4

The fourth and final round of judge cuts aired last night and the final batch of returnees vied for one of the final seven spots at the Dolby Theatre. Comedian, car enthusiast and former host of “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno joined the AGT judges’ table with the responsibility of pushing the last Golden Buzzer for the season.

The last SEVEN acts that made it to the next round in this week’s episode are:


An emotional performance leading to an incredible result!

Emanne wowed the judges once more, so much so that she earned an automatic berth into the live rounds! Jay Leno granted her the Golden Buzzer after her impressive performance of Lucio Dalla’s “Caruso.” Mind you, she’s only 10 years old, not many 10-year-old can say that she got to perform an Italian classic on stage in front of millions of viewers. Job well done Emanne!!


Simply inspirational!

The quartet (former military vets) took to the stage to perform Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s multi-Platinum hit song, “See You Again.” They did it in grand style! I really loved this version — it was filled with deep emotion, conviction, and soul. You can tell how much they wanted to dedicate their performance to help heal anyone’s heart!


How did he do that!?!?

The Texan magician returned with another “how did he do that?!?” kind of performance. He really did an amazing job with these set of coin tricks and illusions which he deemed to be “one of his favorite acts.” Top notch sleight of hand Eric! Can’t wait to see what he does next! I hope he elevates his game even higher with other kinds of magic.



Marina took us all out of this world with her performance. Her moves were so creative, so fluid, so calculated and extremely WILD!! I loved the look on judge Howie Mandel’s face when she came up close to the judges’ table. It’s hard to predict what she will do next so I hope she continues to be unpredictable when she takes the stage again at the Dolby next time.


Nerves did not get the best of her in this round!

Charlotte confidently sang “You Don’t Own Me” in front of the judges despite being a bit nervous before she sang. She did an amazing job in this round. Powerful vocals for such a young age! All five judges gave her a standing ovation.



Jackie did an outstanding job with her set of jokes last night. Jay Leno was right in saying, “All good comedy is economy of words — get to the point as quickly as you can.” She came firing right off the bat with her hilarious jokes. Simon Cowell loved it and called her “naughty.” Watch the clip above to see for yourselves! 😉


Well crafted and well played Benicio!

Benicio came back to sing an original song titled, “Here Goes Nothing.” I loved the message of his song. The kid has got a lot of talent as a songwriter and as a performer. I swear this season’s musical acts has been top notch! 👏🏽 👏🏽

Get ready for next week as the live rounds of the competition kicks off with two nights of entertainment starting at 8 P.M. only on NBC! Next Tuesday will be the performance round and next Wednesday, the live results show!


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