‘AGT’ Season 14: Semifinals #1 (RECAP)

11 acts who qualified for the semifinals took to the stage tonight to showcase their talents once again in the hopes of a finale spot. Actor Sean Hayes was tonight’s celebrity guest judge.

Here are my thoughts and initial projected result for each act:


I thought they brought their A-game into their semi final performance. It was traditional meets modern with their outfits and song choice. Great opening act overall. I hope they make it to the finale but at this point I feel like they are a tossup based on how the other acts performed after them. They should still be proud of themselves for getting this far in the competition regardless of the results.

Initial Prediction: Toss-up but likely eliminated


Young Ansley Burns was brave with this song choice. With that said, I thought the song was too powerful for her vocals tonight. I still admire her confidence in showcasing her talent tonight with this Carrie Underwood hit song. She’s definitely been the underdog this whole season after being told to redo her performances twice and leaving the competition and getting the wildcard spot to come back in the quarterfinals and lastly getting the Dunkin’ Save.

Initial Prediction: Eliminated


The Messoudi Bros. wowed the crowd once more with their acrobatic moves and display of strength and balance. Joining them in their performance tonight was judge Julianne Hough and she looked thrilled to participate! What these guys did tonight definitely deserves a finale spot. See for yourself in the clip above.

Initial Prediction: Safe


Tyler showed his exceptional violin and dance skills all within two minutes. Joining him were young cancer survivors as he performed Ariana Grande’s smash hit, “Break Free.” It was a fun, upbeat, inspirational performance and he certainly earns a finals spot.

Initial Prediction: Safe


While his impressions tonight were practically spot on, there were a few that I thought wasn’t great like his Marge Simpson for example. There wasn’t a whole lot new to his act tonight and I think he’s in danger of going home tomorrow night. I predict he will do well as a YouTuber showcasing his character impressions. If he somehow makes it to the finale, he needs to do something bigger and better than this.

Initial Prediction: Eliminated


Kodi Lee continued his streak of impactful emotional performances. I believe this will propel him into the finale.

Initial Prediction: Safe


She’s hilarious don’t get me wrong but I don’t think it resonated with most Americans tonight. I hope she continues doing stand-up in her post-AGT career.

Initial Prediction: Toss-up but likely eliminated


Age doesn’t really mean a thing with Robert Finley!! I loved this original song that he sang and performed tonight. It had a lot of heart and soul. The backup singers provided an enhanced audio experience. Unfortunately I don’t think he will get enough votes to put him through to the finale.

Initial Prediction: Eliminated


One of my favorite magic acts this season showcased yet another closeup performance. Underwhelming to the judges but still pretty nifty to see from home since we got the advantage of multiple cameras to see his tricks. Sadly, I think his time on the show is up since he didn’t go bigger like Simon wanted him to in this round.

Initial Prediction: Toss-up but likely eliminated


LBK consistently brought their hard work and preparation to the table! Excellent song choices and theme this week with the Avengers superheroes dancing to Scorpion’s “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Count them in for the big finale in two weeks!

Initial Prediction: Safe


Getting the final slot in tonight’s performance round was Benicio and he proved that he deserves a finale spot. While I would like him to sing a more mainstream song, his originals are what’s resonating with voters and I think America will vote him through to the finals.

Initial Prediction: Safe

What’s your predictions? Who will make it and will will go home? Find out in tomorrow night’s results show at 8 P.M. only on NBC! Alums Darci Lynne and Preacher Lawson will also make a guest appearance.


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