Foster The People Picks Us Up For A Ride In Their Latest Release

Credit: Foster The People (

Chart-topping indie band Foster the People recently released their music video to their single, “Pick U Up,” and it’s proven to be another addicting groovy earworm for fans. Upon listening to this new track, one might think it will work well for TV commercials like a Target ad or an Old Navy or even an H&M spot but I digress.

Credit: Foster The People

This is the fourth single out now in what presumably will be on their upcoming untitled fourth studio album. Foster questions the girl he wants to pick up as he’s infatuated with her but also wonders if she loves him back the same way or not and if the latter is it because of his fame and fortune?

Lead singer Mark Foster directed the music video which is available now, and he cites his inspiration from award-winning Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai, filmmaker Beat Takeshi, and the cinematography styles from Chung-Hoon Chung.

Foster found the production to be a tricky yet fun challenge. He conceptualized the video with elements from Hong Kong all within the actual Los Angeles area while maintaining that South Korean gangster cinema vibe.

From a cinematography standpoint, Foster wanted to use a really wide lens for the music video that wasn’t a fisheye lens, resorting to the usage of an “extremely wide 8mm lens.”

The video also features some really talented roller skaters. In it, Gilbert Cantu and Jenna Tower showcases their exceptional skills and dance moves toward the halfway point of the video inside a bar with Japanese visual artist and actress RiRia miming the lyrics all throughout this record too. Did you know? She auditioned playing the flute on the recent season of AGT and yet didn’t get any of the judges approval!?! Thank goodness she has many talents and has now added a Foster The People music video to her growing resume which includes cameos in other famous artists’ videos like Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea’s 2015 hit song, “Pretty Girls” as a dancer and Panic! At The Disco’s hit song “Victorious” as a raging fan according to IMDB.

Overall the guys of FTP have created an entertaining bouncy track. I highly recommend you give it a listen. A cool visualizer of the song is also available to watch here:

Credit: (

Stream and buy “Pick U Up” now!


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