New Music Friday: January 10

Need some recommendations to listen to this weekend? Then you’re in luck! Here are FIVE tracks to look out for…

“Rare” by Selena Gomez

A new era from Selena Gomez is finally upon us! With more control over what she puts out in this new album also titled Rare, Gomez has truly put out a pop record that represents her at this point of her life/career. She recently revealed that songs from the past like “Come & Get It” didn’t fit her true self and she would never write a song like that.

With “Rare,” Gomez doesn’t need or want to be stuck in a loveless relationship but rather instead she just wants to be accepted for how special and “rare” she truly is. She hopes that one day someone can deep down appreciate her uniqueness. It’s also a song about loving one self despite the self-doubts and negativity stemming from a past relationship in one’s life.

Rare is now available to stream and download.


“You should be sad” by Halsey

Halsey is super talented that she can even produce a country song! “You Should Be Sad” is Halsey’s third and latest single off her upcoming new album, Manic. It’s a very deep song about a bad relationship, as she casts shame onto her ex while also being thankful for not having his child. It’s a powerful song that really evokes emotion after hearing through it as evident in her accompanying music video. She simply has no regrets and is ready to move away from that despicable person who treated her wrong!

Halsey’s upcoming album Manic hits store shelves and streaming platforms on January 17th!


“Lost In Yesterday” by Tame Impala

I really dig the vibes off the new Tame record. Kevin Parker wants you to let go of the past and embrace your mistakes. Don’t hold onto the bad memories of the past, you should instead move on.

Overall, the song feels like a continuation of his Currents era. Expect the summer festivals to be packed later this year when he performs these new songs including this track which has a cool and catchy baseline.

Pre-order Tame Impala’s upcoming album, The Slow Rush now! The album drops on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!


“Deleter” by Grouplove

Another indie pop band is back with a new single called “Deleter” and that’s from Grouplove. You may remember them from their 2011 Platinum certified hit “Tongue Tied.”

With this track, the first single off their upcoming fourth album, the band have returned to their roots and in their music video they start off in a hurry with this epic upbeat jam session which is contrasted with the lyrics showcasing their latest anxieties.

Are you a leader or a deleter? Do you take charge or stay reserved and just comply with an ‘OK’?

Their new album will drop sometime this year. So look forward to that, if you’re a fan of their past and present works. Visit their official site for updates.


“Winona Ryder” by Picture This

Ending this week’s list on a positive note is this song about falling in love! The Irish quartet has put out a song worthy for that latest teen drama or for a school prom as evident in their single art. They compare their new found love to looking like a “young Winona Ryder.”

I wonder if the real Winona Ryder knows she has a song inspired by her?!? 🤔

This is my feel-good song recommendation of the week, so definitely check them out if you need a good pick-me-up. 😊😊

You can download Picture This“Winona Ryder” now on Apple Music!


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