New Music Friday: January 17

Another weekend is here and its filled with fresh new tracks! Here are five tracks I recommend you all to listen to this week…

“What A Man Gotta Do” by Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers have released their first single of 2020 and honestly it’s quite catchy! This upbeat track features all the Jonas wives again (see: “Sucker”). Once again, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder is credited as songwriter and you can’t really argue against his skills in creating a banger of a hit.

The music video pays tribute to 70’s and 80’s cinema as they recreate scenes from Risky Business, Grease & Say Anything. It also features a cameo by none other than Emmy-nominated actor Matthew Modine of Full Metal Jacket and Stranger Things fame just to name a few. Overall, this song puts you in a good mood so I highly recommend you give it a listen especially if you love their past work.


“Oh Yeah!” by Green Day

Green Day’s latest single, “Oh Yeah!” is catchy but with a twist. The dark undertones in the lyrics makes reference to the times we live in now. According to lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong in a 2019 chat he did for Kerrang, “It’s sort of about being freaked out around the polarization that we live in right now. Whether it’s kids getting shot in schools, or the closest thing that America has ever seen to fascism. Light stuff…”

This song also marks the first time the band has used a sample in one of their songs. Upon hearing this song, you can hear Joan Jett’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me” from her acclaimed album Bad Reputation. Her song was in turn a cover song of convicted pedophile/songwriter Gary Glitter. So to circumvent that, the band has decided to donate their royalties to IJM and RAINN.

Green Day’s upcoming 13th album, Father Of All releases February 7th!


“Walls” by Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson’s newest single is quite a heartfelt ballad that shows his perseverance and strength with his on-and-off again girlfriend Eleanor Calder. The accompanying strings in the song adds a lot of emotional fuel. It’s refreshing to hear Tomlinson’s new sound in anticipation for his debut album to be released at the end of this month. This song itself feels like a softer version of Daughtry mixed with a Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness vibe. What are your thoughts on this touching song? Let me know in the comments below.

Pre-order Louis Tomlinson’s debut album of the same name here.


“Youuu” by COIN

This is an alternative track that shouldn’t be glossed over in 2020. After their breakthrough hit, “Talk Too Much” from their 2017 album How Will You Know If You Never Try, fans including myself are wondering what the band has to offer next?!?

Well, this latest single from the Nashville-based trio is about someone taking for granted a past relationship only for them to change their minds and wanting to come back to that person after a heartbreak with a renewed and clearer vision. Lead singer, Chase Lawrence cited recently about the track and he said, “We wish to control everything before we simply choose to notice anything. I’m still learning, but I don’t want to waste my time trying to find something special, only to realize I was holding it all along.”

This song will be a part of COIN’s next album, Dreamland which drops February 21st!


“Say It” by LIVVIA

Livvia just really wants you to say it! Spill the beans, have the courage to say to your relationship the true version of you. Don’t hold back on the details otherwise, the relationship is best off the table. A perfect song for couples who really want the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to a stable and loving relationship.

Stream and download her latest track here.

Be back next week with another edition of New Music Friday! For now, let me know in the comments below what you will be listening to this weekend?


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