New Music Friday: January 31

It’s hard to believe the first month of this new decade has flown by! For this final January edition of New Music Friday, we have new tracks from Demi Lovato and Dua Lipa just to name a few!

Scroll down to see the rest of this week’s picks! What will you be listening to?

“Anyone” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s triumphant comeback song was written four days before her unfortunate overdose back in summer 2018. She was deeply in a state of distress. She was literally crying for help when she wrote this song. Fast forward to today, fortunately and thankfully, she survived the traumatic dark times of that year after months of rehab and recovery and spending time away from the spotlight with her family and friends.

This week, Lovato bravely promoted her brand new powerful track that makes fans love her even more. The Lovatics will forever support her as she embarks her new era of music and her new chapter in her career.

She performed this emotionally cathartic song for the first time at this year’s Grammys and you can catch that below ICYMI:

Can’t wait to hear more from Ms. Lovato in 2020! You can catch her performing the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl (this Sunday) and you can download/stream “Anyone,” right here.


“Physical” by Dua Lipa

This is a very Katy Perry-esque song in my opinion but with Dua’s essence mixed in with 80s era dance music. Great upbeat dance song that is sure to elevate Ms. Lipa’s clout/career this year. Expect this to be spun by DJ’s in clubs all across the globe in 2020! It’s also an amazing motivational song that will likely become part of many listeners’ gym/workout playlist.

The accompanying music video seen above is an explosion of colors. It’s vibrant and creative as well as being semi-animated! Check it out! 😁

This song will be a part of her forthcoming new album, Future Nostalgia releasing April 3rd.


“Tonight” by kesha

Kesha is back to her old roots with another infectious party song off her new equally contagiously catchy album, High Road. If you enjoyed her TiK ToK era, you’ll love her unapologetic attitude in this new era. She exudes confidence while taking no prisoners. She’s reached a new all-time high in her career and I commend this latest triumph. Keep doing you, Kesha!

Download and stream High Road today!


“loneliness for love” by lovelytheband

lovelytheband are back with their new upbeat song called “loneliness for love.” This captivating track proves the band is ready to progress their sound in 2020!

The song is for those who felt brokenhearted by past relationships and now they seek others to fill that void even though they mistake “loneliness for love” which can sadly go on indefinitely.

Despite the woeful lyrics, I really love the catchy chorus and the music video for this track. If you loved their previous hits, “broken” and “these are my friends,” then this song will likely be on your current playlist!

You can download and stream the song now.


“Hold On” by Little Dragon

Swedish band, Little Dragon has a new dance song that’s so groovy and fun to listen to. This will likely be played in intimate clubs or in an Old Navy or an H&M store. The whole song overall is quite the earworm. It will definitely raise your spirits, if you have winter blues.

This song will be a part of their next new album, New Me, Same Us which drops March 27th! Visit their website for tour dates and more info!

Check back again next Friday for another edition of “New Music Friday.”


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