New Music Friday: February 21

Welcome to another edition of New Music Friday on this Friday, February 21, 2020! This week’s offerings that I recommend are Selena Gomez’s unforgettable new song, an introspective track from 5 Seconds of Summer, an emotional new tune from rising singer-songwriter Lauv among others too…

“Feel Me” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez just dropped a hot track that will make fans wonder is this a jab towards her ex, Justin Bieber?!? This song has been cut and recorded officially finally due to her dedicated fans. The origins date back to her 2016 Revival era where she performed the song on tour.

Gomez savagely calls out someone for sure in this single, which is also available on the vinyl version of “Rare,” her latest album. She doesn’t want to be forgotten despite the ex moving on in life. Figuratively, she wishes that person still feels her every time he kisses or dances with his new lover and to remember the times they use to spend with each other.

“Feel Me” is available now to download and or stream.


“Old Me” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

Lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings sings about the past versions of himself and how it’s shaped him to the current version of himself today. It’s pretty much an ode to one’s past mistakes. Each moment of the past is a lesson for the present.

Every sacrifice or compromise or action you take shapes your overall perspective in life. This is a song that will definitely have you look deep within yourself. Contemplate away as you enjoy this track which will be included in their upcoming album, CALM.

Fun fact: The artwork for this single contains photos of their younger selves in a cool collage age progression. The lyric video has a treasure trove of childhood photos/memories that the 5SOS fandom will enjoy!

Pre-order 5SOS’ CALM to get the single now. The new album drops March 27th!


“Modern Loneliness” by Lauv

Lauv raises the notion that we’re falsely believing we’re lonely despite living in a technological world where your friend(s) are a text or call away.

He hopes we can find it in ourselves that there is love and affection waiting to be found out there despite our internal isolation that we put ourselves in.

In a recent MTV News interview he cited the song as his “favorite song on the album and the most important song” he’s ever made so far in his career.

“There is a lot of loneliness out there. We all feel it. But there is also a lot of love waiting for us and I hope this song can be a catalyst for that,” he added.

You can pre-order his upcoming album ~ how i’m feeling ~ now. It will be released real soon on March 6th!


All Night” by Afrojack and Ally Brooke

Need a fun pick me up this weekend? Then this one will be the best bet for your next party, get-together, what have you!

Turn the volume up and not have any worries at all to this tune! Ally Brooke, formerly of Fifth Harmony fame provides the impeccable vocals in this collaborative effort with reputable Dutch DJ Afrojack, who makes his triumphant return to Spinnin’ starting today!

Get the new collab song here.


“Dancing Next To Me” by Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance has evolved his sound from album to album. His upcoming untitled third album which will feature this new song will definitely continue that trend.

Chance tackles the aftermath of a breakup in this dance pop single as his falsetto vocals exudes a lot of emotion. A great way to enter Pisces season this year, this song is well produced and well-written in my opinion.

Did you know? Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger co-wrote the song and is credited with playing the guitar in this song.

If you appreciated Chance’s portraits era, you will enjoy this latest song as he matures even more into the next era/decade of his career!

Download and stream the song today! Visit his official site for news and upcoming tour dates.

Come back next week for another round of New Music Friday picks! Happy listening folks!! 😊


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