New Music Friday: March 13

With the coronavirus pandemic on everyone’s mind and in the media right now, it’s important to also consider your emotional well being in this unprecedented time. Good thing music is an option to escape. That’s one thing I don’t want to see get cancelled. With concerts and festivals like Coachella being postponed this year, the next best choice is to just chill at home by listening to your favorite musicians on your choice of streaming platform.

This week’s edition of NMF we have new songs from bands like OneRepublic and The Killers. We also have the latest from artists like Niall Horan, Rita Ora & Lennon Stella.

“Didn’t I” by OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder is getting closer and closer to releasing a new OneRepublic album! I know I’ve been eagerly anticipating this new era for years now. This is the fourth confirmed track from said new album and it’s another hit in the making in my opinion.

Tedder hit it out of the park with the band’s previous radio friendly hits like “Rescue Me,” and “Counting Stars,” to the impactful ballads such as the acclaimed “Apologize,” and Waking Up‘s deep cut, “All This Time.” This new song being a ballad, is a heartfelt track that exudes a lot of emotion all throughout.

The song delves into a relationship that went south. You may still love and care for him/her but it’s not reciprocal in return. Whoever listens to this will really have a deep thinking session about their recent heartbreak. But for those who don’t really connect to it on that level, it’s still an amazing song to listen to from a musical arrangement standpoint.

You can pre-order the band’s upcoming album, Human now. It’s slated to drop May 8th!

Tickets to their European tour later this fall is available on their official site. Please note that it’s subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic but at the same time do remain optimistic and not panic.

“Caution” by The Killers

Lead vocalist Brandon Flowers and the rest of his bandmates of The Killers are back with another uplifting rocking arena anthem!

They teamed up with Lindsey Buckingham, former member of Fleetwood Mac, for this new single. Flowers recently said that this song was inspired by his move from his hometown in Las Vegas to Utah where his family currently resides.

If you loved any of their previous radio hits and or their deep cuts, you’ll enjoy this new track.

You can download and stream the new song here.

The band’s upcoming sixth studio album, Imploding The Mirage is set to be released May 29th with an upcoming summer tour pending the coronavirus.

“Black and White” by Niall Horan

Keeping up with the positive vibes, Niall Horan is here with a track suited for those who want to dedicate this song to the person they love whether it be for their birthday or for future Valentine’s Day. I can predict this will also be used in upcoming weddings, bridal showers and anniversary videos all around the world.

This song has that Ed Sheeran flavor to it in my opinion. See Sheeran’s 2017 hit song, “Castle On The Hill” for a comparison.

Fun Fact: Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger co-wrote this song with Horan.

Hopefully 2020 will be happier for Horan’s personal life. Meantime check out his new album, Heartbreak Weather out now! For more info and tour dates/updates, visit his official website.

“How To Be Lonely” by Rita Ora

I feel Rita Ora doesn’t receive enough credit for the work she does in the music industry. This is another catchy song from her’s and it deserves to be played on radio (of course in a clean version.)

This is the lead single off her upcoming third album and was co-written by Grammy-nominated rising pop artist, Lewis Capaldi who didn’t take this song for himself because it didn’t feel right with his vocals according to and his recent IG Story. For those who don’t know, Capaldi is best known for his mainstream 2019 hit, “Someone You Loved.”

This song is for those who want to appreciate themselves more while being single. Learn to love yourself now before committing to a long-term relationship that has true meaning and love rather than being stuck in a shallow relationship.

You can listen to the song by downloading or streaming it, right here.

“Jealous” by Lennon Stella

This track has singer-songwriter, Lennon Stella calling out her ex whom is still jealous and not ready to move on just because she’s moved on with a new relationship.

Stella has grown up and has matured over the years after releasing songs for ABC’s Nashville and HBO’s Game of Thrones, to collaborating with EDM hitmakers, The Chainsmokers on their song “Takeaway” last year as well as working with Meghan Trainor and Liam Payne on their respective records.

Now she’s embarking on her first studio album era called Three. Two. One. releasing April 24th and I look forward to hearing what she has to offer in terms of her sound and style. She has the potential to be the next biggest pop star everyone wants to listen to on their playlists.

Download and stream the new song today! Tour dates and updates can be found on Lennon Stella’s official site.

That does it for this week’s NMF. Stay safe, wash your hands often, be kind to one another and happy listening!


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