New Music Friday: March 27

This week we have two tracks that pertain to the coronavirus pandemic from chart toppers OneRepublic and indie pop band Foster The People, as well as new music from Dua Lipa, 5 Seconds of Summer, Kane Brown & John Legend!

Read on to get the latest scoop…

Better Days” by OneRepublic

Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle and their friend/producer Tyler Spry were in contact with someone who had tested positive with the coronavirus two weeks ago, so they had to quarantine themselves in their California studio. Fortunately, they haven’t experience any symptoms thus far.

While in the midst of their downtime, they were able to produce this timely new single that the whole world can relate to. During one of their recent Instagram Live sessions they revealed that they had the chorus made months prior to the pandemic and only now living and experiencing this time of uncertainty that the remaining verses came together for the song.

With this song, they want us all to remain hopeful and that this pandemic is just temporary and finite. Better days are indeed ahead of us and when we do see the light at the end of this scary unknown tunnel, we can all once again rejoice and return to our normal day-to-day lives.

You can download and stream “Better Days,” right here. Portions of the proceeds from the new song will go towards Musicares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund. Also check out the new merch they released along with the pre-order for their next album, all right here.

“It’s Ok To Be Human” by Foster The People

Mark Foster, lead singer of Foster The People released a song earlier this week in response to the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing. It’s a chilling yet beautiful song that reassures us that we’re all in this together and that there’s no one to place blame on because this virus affects us all.

In an accompanying blog post, Foster reflects on today’s world and past events in global history like the 9/11 attacks, when WWII ended as well as the terrorist attacks at the famous Bataclan venue in Paris five years ago. He said that those moments in time had their own feeling of unity and hope for a better future.

In today’s world, this feels different to him too.

“The fear is different. The uncertainty is different. The unity is also different. As I woke up this morning to texts from friends and family with updates, warnings, and the desire to connect with other people, I found myself thinking about the beauty of this pause. The entire world has pressed pause. It’s as if mother earth said, “O.K. you degenerates give me the wheel. I’m gonna steer us back in the right direction.” 

Mark Foster

I love when artists use a time of uncertainty to create art. It gives us all a sense of hope. What are your thoughts on the new song?

Listen to the song on their official website now.

“Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa

Pivoting to something totally unrelated to the pandemic is Dua Lipa’s third official single from her freshly released second studio album, Future Nostalgia. In this song, she’s questioning her relationship choices.

Another solid dance pop track for enjoyment for those who love her previous singles and first album, but it’s also another song for you to ponder over. Are you better off being single or being tied to someone you know in the long run will not benefit your emotional psyche? Navigating one’s love life is definitely like walking on a tightrope. The steps you take during a consensual relationship can make or break your future.

The accompanying music video seen above has some pretty nifty dance sequences like on a plane which leads to some cool transitional moments like when Dua falls from that plane via a parachute which then leads to being under bed sheets in a bedroom as she leaves the room. That room she left is like leaving a relationship as the rotating beds move along in a conveyor belt fashion with all the figurative sleeping boyfriends she had a relationship with.

You can stream Dua’s sophomore album, Future Nostalgia which features “Break My Heart” right now!

“Wildflower” by 5SOS

Here’s a song from the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer that will put a smile on your face. You don’t have to think deeply about this one as the positive and loving vibes just oozes out in this track. You can definitely use this song to dedicate your significant other for like a wedding anniversary or the one you’re dating currently to show how much you really love them.

The lyric video above contains 10 hours worth of hand made stop-motion animation on top of 8 more hours of editing! 529 flowers were used in this mesmerizing video. Simply astounding how the artists and creatives came together to put that together for the band.

Fun Fact: The band partnered up with the meditation app, Calm to promote four exclusive remixes. Check it out here:

As they mature as a band, they’ve become more mindful of their surroundings in life and they hope this app collaboration will be beneficial for us all to listen. Keep calm and listen on (to CALM.)

Get their new album, CALM which contains “Wildflower” today!

“Last Time I Say Sorry” by Kane Brown & John Legend

This is an interesting collaboration effort from country pop phenom Kane Brown and R&B hit maker John Legend. It’s a collab that I didn’t knew would work if you said these two artists’ name out loud. Anyways, this song is about a person who’s owning up to his or her’s past mistakes and is doing his or her’s hardest to win back the love he or she once had. This person doesn’t want to go back to arguing, but rather they want to start a clean slate, a new chapter if you will, a hope for a rekindled romance as indicated by the lyrics, “So I swallow my pride, see it from your side
I promise I’ll do the best I can do
” and later on in the song, the verse, “If I could build a perfect world I’d only make you smile
I’d hang the stars, the sun and moon outside this room, but I’ll
I’ll never be perfect, though I’m gonna try
Oh, I’m gonna do better, I swear –“

Overall, its a cathartic ballad that both of their respective fan bases will love. Hear the song, right here!

With all of the chaos going around the world right now, I hope these five tracks can be a welcome distraction to your life right now. Feel free to comment and share below which song(s) you’re vibing with, whether it be any of these five tracks or some other new track this week not mentioned here that you would love to share too.

Remember to keep practicing safe social distancing and wash your hands often. Our new norm is just temporary, remember that! Happy listening and enjoy the weekend!


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