New Music Friday: May 1

It’s officially May and the music doesn’t stop! Here are this week’s picks for you to go check out! We got the latest songs from Marshmello who collaborated with none other than Halsey, quarantine tracks that will brighten your day from artists like HAIM and NEEDTOBREATHE, plus the latest tunes from Glass Animals and Lukas Graham that will have you questioning life and relationships. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday.

“Be Kind” by Marshmello w/ Halsey

This is the first collaboration between EDM producer/DJ, Marshmello and pop singer, Halsey. It’s widely believed this song is talking about Halsey’s ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy who cheated on her. She ponders her past relationship with him, questioning why he messed things up, and the decisions he took that led him to lie to her as evident by the lyrics:

I don’t know why you hide from the one
And close your eyes to the one
Mess up and lie to the one that you love

When you know you can cry to the one
Always confide in the one
You can be kind to the one that you love

Halsey shared on her Twitter profile in response to a fan’s question that the new song is cute, optimistic, heartfelt as well as being dance-able, perfect for summer and that the vibes heard on the track are perfect to add to our ongoing isolation.

Overall, it’s a lively track that has that 80’s flavor to it. I love how artists of today are inspired by the 80’s, one of the most iconic eras of music to be honest. Expect this song to be on repeat as we march closer to the summer months. You can download/stream their new song, right here.

“I Know Alone” by HAIM

The HAIM sisters have put out a new single titled, “I Know Alone” which coincidentally is topical with the quarantine lifestyle we all find ourselves in now. Originally, it was about the notion of loneliness that Danielle Haim was experiencing for awhile but with the pandemic currently raging on, it has branched out as a song that focuses on the solitary living, of being alone indoors day-to-day establishing this new normal, and a new routine that we have come to live in that for many fans alike can relate to in their own unique ways.

Check out Danielle’s recent IG post which explains more about the song:

The sisters recently performed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, check it out here. It’s truly electric and cool to witness the production value of this at home performance:

Expect more songs from the sister trio soon as we get closer to the release of their third studio album, Women In Music Pt. III later this summer on June 26th. But for now, let this new single soak in and be inspired to dance along with the accompanying music video which I’m sure will be a hit for the HAIM fans who use the viral social media platform, TikTok. Click here to download/stream the new song.

“Dreamland” by Glass Animals

Psychedelic pop band, Glass Animals have dropped their second single/title track off their upcoming third studio album, Dreamland. This song really makes you feel like you’re on a lofty cloud riding in the sky in your proverbial dream land space. It will make you reminisce all your past friendships or relationships you’ve made over the years.

Lead singer, Dave Bayley sings and contemplates about memories he had when he first met this significant figure.

The music video for the song is pretty nifty too. Bayley had to build the set for the actual music video. The assemblage process is truly fascinating to watch considering he also directed and filmed the music video as well, all from his residence. In the end, he did an amazing job bringing the concepts of the lyrics to fruition. Quarantine life has really stretched an artist’s abilities and this video definitely proves that.

“Dreamland” is available now while the album, Dreamland drops July 10th.

“Love Songs” by Lukas Graham

Grammy-nominated Danish pop band, Lukas Graham have put out a new single that addresses the idea of love songs and how they’re interpreted by people. Some people think the love song is directly talking about a certain someone, but that may not always be the case as the band have indicated here.

The lyric video seen above contains some throwback pictures of Lukas, the iconic “Tom from Myspace,” Windows 98 inspired browser interface with the dreaded blue screen, Comic Sans font, retro graphics, instant messaging elements and that familiar screensaver where the neon pipes are moving all around your screen. Oh what simpler times the late 90s/early 2000s were!!

Overall the track is upbeat but the lyrics are deep in the sense it’s talking about a one-sided relationship he had when he was younger where that person wouldn’t take a hint that things weren’t working on both sides as evident by the first verse of the song where he belts, “I can hear you knockin’ on my front door and it’s 3 A.M. So I call you a taxi from my pillow, I wish you’d take a hint and hop on in the back seat ‘cause I got patience, but it’s wearin’ thin” and later on in the chorus where he sings, “Now I know you hear these loves songs and you think they’re all about you. So you turn your radio up and you sing along. And you tell all of your friends that I’m not getting over you. Guess I’m too good of a man to tell you the truth.”

So if you’re looking for some nostalgia while revisiting memories of your youth, turn your attention to Lukas Graham’s latest single, “Love Songs,” available now!

“Hang On/Seasons” by NEEDTOBREATHE

It’s a new era for Christian contemporary rock band, NEEDTOBREATHE! Original member, Bo Rinehart recently departed the band, so now the band is officially a trio. With this new chapter in the band’s life/career comes two brand new singles.

The first single titled “Hang On” is the more uplifting anthem of the two. This song will give you hope and confidence in whatever life challenge that gets thrown your way. It works well as a quarantine song too because we have to remain strong together to the ones we love and to ourselves as we march closer to the day we can emerge on the other side of this crisis. There will be a time where we can look back at this. There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

The second single, “Seasons” is a ballad that will hit you right in the feels. It’s about “going through these tough times with people you love and knowing you’ll be able to get through it without acting so strongly,” according to lead singer Bear Rinehart in a recent American Songwriter article.

Seasons change and so do chapters of every person’s life. This song will definitely have you evaluating moments of your life both past and present.

Download/stream NEEDTOBREATHE’s two new songs today! Out Of Body, their first body of work as a trio will be released later this year.

As we embark the third month of quarantine life, remember to take time for self care. Listen to your favorite tunes and be open minded about new songs out this week and in the weeks to come. Hope you’ll check out these five artist’s new singles and come back next week for another round of New Music Friday picks! Happy listening!


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