New Music Friday: June 5

The world has completely changed since the last posting. For this week, I will be highlighting songs that I feel are needed for challenging times like this. We’re in the midst of re-writing the history book with these ongoing protests. Generations down the line will be studying this year heavily and I hope REAL change and reform takes place soon.

The racial injustices must END!!! The world cannot live like this anymore. The human race cannot afford to continue to live like this anymore. With that said, please consider checking out the picks I have selected this week. First up it’s Eric Bellinger’s new single, “ENOUGH.” We also have all new music from rapper Tee Grizzley featuring Queen Naija and members of the Detroit Youth Choir; singer-songwriter Dua Saleh with their captivating new single, plus country singer-songwriter, Mickey Guyton & indie band Nothing. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday.

“ENOUGH” by Eric Bellinger

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger boldly declares “ENOUGH” is enough after the brutal murder of George Floyd on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This song which was released this past Sunday, is truly heartfelt. You can feel the pain in Bellinger’s voice as he belts out the chorus:

We’ve been through enough, enough, enough
It’s enough, enough, enough
We’ve been, We’ve been through too much, aye
Police brutality, yeah
We’ve been through too much, aye
Time for new strategy, yeah

Music is a source of comfort, and a source of healing, and an avenue for creative minds to voice their opinions on an issue that’s topical and relevant to today. This track, no less is for anyone who wants to listen to a song that will have you questioning the morality and ethics of the police force in America. The accompanying music video shows the recent protests going on in America and the unjust police brutality towards innocent protesters trying to exercise their given right to march and be heard and seen. Powerful stuff to witness!

Download/stream Bellinger’s new song, right here.

“Mr. Officer” by Tee Grizzley (feat. Queen Naija & Members of the Detroit Youth Choir)

Rapper Tee Grizzley offers a passionate vocal plea to officers in America and questions police brutality in this song that’s accompanied by members of America’s Got Talent semi-finalists, Detroit Youth Choir as well as singer-songwriter Queen Naija.

The lyrics to this song are just as powerful as Eric Bellinger’s new song. With this, Queen Naija and the DYC repeatedly questions the officers, “what if that was my brother…my dad…my uncle…what if that was all I had?” So many unjust murders of Black Americans by police for countless years and it has to stop! The passion and anger that fuels this song is evident in Tee’s verses. The first verse you can tell he’s angry, frustrated and bewildered with lyrics like:

Y’all supposed to be the heroes though
You know, protect and serve, not takin’ us off of the Earth
I see the police and it f— with my nerves
They pullin’ me over, I’m showin’ ’em both of my hands
And watchin’ my words, I got insurance, no warrants
He pointin’ his gun like he wanna blow it
Tell me why we gotta die? He went for his wallet, reach for a gun
You think that some sh-t he’d try? On a cop?
He can’t breathe and you still chokin’ ’em, man, why would he lie?
Your knee in his neck, you ain’t gotta do all that
It’s one against five, RIP

I really hope the peaceful protests and marches this week and next will inspire our nation’s lawmakers to make changes to the policing policies in America. Get “Mr. Officer” today!

“body cast” by Dua Saleh

Sudanese-American R&B artist, Dua Saleh offers their spirited song condemning police brutality and demanding justice to the world this week. The accompanying video seen above has all the names of the unarmed Black men and women who fell victim to the police’s violent tactics.

Saleh will be donating all the proceeds of this powerful anthem towards Black Visions Collective, an organization that is mobilizing for the greater good and better livelihoods of African Americans. They want to spark real change in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Saleh’s hometown. So, if you can afford to donate, please do so, right here.

Hear the track, right now!

“Black Like Me” by Mickey Guyton

To be honest, I haven’t heard Mickey Guyton’s works before writing this post. I’m glad I stumbled upon this song on Spotify. This is a soulful piano ballad that details her journey growing up as a Black female as well as being a Black country singer-songwriter in America. There aren’t many mainstream black country singers out there which is a travesty.

I was really touched by the lyrics:

It’s a hard life on easy street
Just white painted picket fences far as you can see
If you think we live in the land of the free
You should try to be black like me

It’s a sad reality that Blacks have to work twice (or more) as hard to make a name for themselves in this country. I hope non-Black listeners hear works like Guyton’s and try to understand and realize the disparities and hardships they face in life in this nation. We need to be more supportive of the Black community and to spark real change soon.

In regards to the song, Guyton expressed in her recent tweet that “Black Like Me” was written via a “God moment.” She added, “He put it on my heart to write it. I thought it was to heal my heart but now I realize it’s meant to heal every heart.” So true!

Listen to “Black Like Me” by Mickey Guyton, right here. Also go check out Guyton’s other music videos on her Youtube channel, right here.

GEORGE (EP) by Nothing

Need a rock recc? You should definitely check out Philadelphian indie rock band, Nothing’s latest release. They’ve recorded this EP back in December for the L.A. show “Part Time Punks” last year. They’re dedicating their latest four track EP titled George in honor of George Floyd. It also includes a cover song of Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy.”

All of the proceeds from their Bandcamp profile will go towards Act Blue Community Bail Fund which in turn splits the money up among 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice groups.

Please stay safe everyone! Continue to fight for what’s right! Educate yourselves. Learn the facts before you make an assumption. Make sure you call out racial injustices, and above all, please listen, show compassion, and always respect one another. Treat others like you would want others to treat you!

Please check out and share these resources. There’s something for everyone to do!

>> 6 Ways To Activate Beyond Social Media: (credit: @jezzchung)

>> Ways To Help:


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