New Music Friday: July 10

Happy New Music Friday! In this week’s list of picks we highlight the latest tunes from five very talented artists. Katy Perry shares her smile, Foster The People channels their inner wild child, Lights, Myth and Zara Larsson got the party pumping & last but not least singer-songwriter James Bay is craving love and affection. ☺️

“Smile” by Katy Perry

13x Grammy-nominated artist, Katy Perry finally announced this week the title of her upcoming fifth album! It’s going to be called Smile. The title track is her latest single out now. She revealed on her socials that this track was written when she was “coming through one of the darkest periods of [her] life and had lost [her] smile.”

Overall, speaking about her fifth album era, Perry cites “this whole album is my journey towards the light – with stories of resilience, hope, and love.”

Many of you know by now but if you didn’t, her previous album cycle (Witness) wasn’t a commercial success and she had a public falling out with now reconciled friend and fellow pop star Taylor Swift.

Fortunately both have moved on from the drama and are thriving as artists. “Smile” is an uptempo pop track that finds Perry back in her groove with a solid radio friendly single that’s sure to be her next big hit. This song will definitely put you in a good mood and the Katy Cats (or Katy Clowns as some are now referring themselves to for this new era) are sure to be itching for more as we get closer to the release date of her new album next month.

You can download/stream “Smile” today and pre-order Smile which drops August 14th!

“The Things We Do” by Foster The People

3x Grammy-nominated indie band, Foster The People have dropped another new single. This one follows “Lamb’s Wool” which was released back in May and has garnered over 3 million streams thus far. It’s their second single to be released independently after they left their label (on good terms) back in March.

With “The Things We Do,” we have here a well crafted, groovy, vocoder heavy and electronic vibe going on here. I really enjoy how eclectic lead singer Mark Foster has been getting over the past two years. Also love the artwork for this single. Look how creatively well drawn and intricate it is. It’s in similar vein to their Torches era in my opinion or even as recently as their singles “Pick U Up” and “Worst Nites” with their respective artworks.

I commend the band for donating the proceeds from this song to four worthy and important causes (25% each) and they are the following:

Click on each of them to learn more! Download/stream FTP’s latest single, right here.

“Dead End” by Lights X MYTH

Canadian singer-songwriter Lights with hits over the past decade like “Toes,” “Ice,” “Up We Go,” and “Giants” has released her new single called “Dead End” with Grammy-nominated producer Myth. It’s all about, you guessed it, a relationship that has been stuck going on a dead end path. When someone keeps giving someone love but that person doesn’t fully appreciate the thoughtful gestures or reciprocates, they keep dragging them along for this proverbial uncomfortable ride. This song will be best resonant for those listeners whom are stuck in a one-sided relationship or a relationship that’s bound to be complicated indefinitely no matter how many times you or the person you’re dating tries to make things better.

Overall, Lights’ voice blends well in this catchy EDM banger of a song that’s great for the parties and clubs in a post-pandemic world. But for now, you’ll just have to dance in your living room or wherever you’re quarantining from.

Get the new single “Dead End” by Lights and Myth today! Stay up to date and to buy merch by visiting her website, right here.

“Love Me Land” by Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson deserves more credit than what she’s receiving as an artist because she has what it takes to breakthrough and become a pop powerhouse in the realm of other icons whom emerged recently like Dua Lipa for example.

With this new single which follows “Like It Is” released earlier this year, Larsson channels her sensual side as this song talks about someone who has fallen deep in love. The music video was shot in her native Sweden while in quarantine and sees her dancing alone in a sparkly outfit. Her choreography is 🔥🔥🔥 by the way! Sonically speaking, it’s a club hit potential that will likely get treated with multiple remixes down the line this year.

It remains to be seen if this single will be a part of a bigger body of work a.k.a. her third album. Nonetheless, I look forward to hearing more from the talented Swedish singer.

Listen to “Love Me Land” by Zara Larsson today! Subscribe to her mailing list at:

“Chew On My Heart” by James Bay

Round out this week’s picks is rising English singer-songwriter James Bay with his new song, “Chew On My Heart.” According to his recent tweet, the “Hold Back The River” crooner made this song “about being deeply and madly in love.” He wanted something for the fans to listen to that can get you up and about especially during this unprecedented pandemic.

This vibrant heartfelt single is worthy of your listen, so go stream and or download the song from 3x Grammy-nominated James Bay, right now! Spread the love! ❤️

Stay updated with James Bay by visiting his official website, right here.

Well there you have it for this week’s edition of New Music Friday! Hope you enjoyed these picks as much as I did. Let me know what’s your favorite track this week and why. As always stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, be kind to one another and happy listening!


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