New Music Friday: August 21

Happy Friday once again! It’s time to list the five tracks you need to hear this weekend! This week’s lineup includes new songs from K-Pop global superstar group, BTS, Grammy-nominated pop star, Katy Perry, 2x BRIT Awards-nominated indie band, London Grammar, alternative rock band, American Authors, and last but not least, rising singer-songwriter, Greyson Chance. All that and more in this week’s edition of New Music Friday for August 21, 2020 here at Philip’s Music Corner!

“Dynamite” by BTS

K-pop superstar group BTS have dropped their latest song called “Dynamite.” This is just the second all English single they’ve released following the 2017 Steve Aoki/Desiigner collaborative track, “MIC Drop (Remix).”

This song will lift your quarantine spirits up and boost your mood. It’s a very danceable track that channels that 1980s vibe and the disco days. The seven-member boy band is slated to perform this fun new song for the first time on national TV on August 30th at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. So look forward to that BTS ARMY!!!

The music video features a colorful array of choreographed numbers in various scenes including a bedroom featuring a poster of the late great David Bowie, a record vinyl store, a small doughnut shop, a basketball court, a building appropriately named “DISCO” in all caps, and lastly on a ground level stage on a field with the sun shining down upon them. The bright hues and the visual effects made this an appealing video to watch.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty catchy tune especially the bridge section of the song. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, definitely check this song out and repeat it as many times as you like. I predict this song will catapult them to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Charts next week, if they do, it will be their first #1 song.

“What Makes A Woman” by Katy Perry

Pop singer-songwriter, Katy Perry dropped another promotional single before her new album, SMILE drops next Friday. In “What Makes A Woman,” which she dedicates to her unborn daughter, she acknowledges that it’s hard to measure the worth of a woman. Women can do so many amazing things in life, they cannot be boxed or shaped as one thing and one thing only. They adapt and change as the years goes by, and the seasons of life progress.

The acoustic performance seen above was very peaceful and relaxing to hear. Great use of the SMILE face masks on her band mates in the background by the way! Katy is going to be a great mom and I know down the line when her daughter hears this song for the first time, she too will smile and be appreciative of how her mom made a name for herself in life and is so strong through the ups and downs as a singer in the spotlight.

I commend the career Perry has established so far and I’m looking forward to the new era of songs she has in store with SMILE. You can still pre-order the album now!

In other news this week, you can expect Perry back at the judges table next season on American Idol alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan with returning host Ryan Seacrest.

“Baby It’s You” by London Grammar

English indie pop band, London Grammar is back with their first new single since their 2017 album, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. “Baby It’s You” is a soothing song about love. This single is perfect for those who found their match in life and want to dedicate it to their lover. No matter what the world is like, you at least have this special person in your life. Of course if you’re single, you can perhaps feel the same towards your family, a friend or even your pet(s).

I like the visualizer seen above because even though the skies look dark, the proverbial fire (that special someone) in the water will be the only thing that warms your heart and soul. For a strange year we’ve been having in real life, I found comfort in listening to this song and I hope the feeling is mutual for all of you out there.

I’m excited to hear what’s next for them, whether it will be more singles down the line, an EP, or even a third studio album which the LG fans most certainly would love to have.

“Brick By Brick” by American Authors

For my fourth pick this week, it’s alternative rock band, American Authors with their new single, “Brick By Brick.” After listening to the song, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated to conquer the things in life that you originally thought was impossible. If there’s something in life you want to achieve, you have to keep going one step at a time because if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Erase your doubts, keep laying down the proverbial bricks and soon enough you’ll go from laying down the foundation to having the whole building complete for the whole world to see! Dream big!

The band will be releasing a new EP called Counting Down with five new tracks including this one on September 18th. Pre-save on Spotify is available now.

“Bad To Myself” by Greyson Chance

23-year-old singer-songwriter Greyson Chance is done being bad to himself as he enters a new, brighter chapter in his life! This is such a heartfelt, vulnerable song about him reaching a low point in his personal life (struggling with anorexia, alcohol drinking and experiencing a breakup) and ultimately looking at himself in the mirror thinking, no, he’s got to turn over a new leaf and be gentler to himself. Self care is important and that’s evident with the positive mindset he’s showcasing lately through his social media channels.

“Bad To Myself” follows the releases of “Honeysuckle,” and “Dancing Next To Me” earlier this year. It’s expected that more songs will be dropped later this fall and early next year, so look forward to that as Chance continues to hone his craft.

I appreciate Chance opening up and expressing himself through his songs, and this one in particular is a sign of many more amazing accomplishments to come.

Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked my content, feel free to follow my blog by clicking on ‘Follow” in the lower right hand corner. Leave a comment letting me know which song(s) you’re listening to this weekend! As always, please continue to stay safe, wash your hands, be kind, and happy listening!


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