New Music Friday: October 23

Happy Friday folks! It’s October 23, 2020 and another round of picks are coming your way this weekend. We got the latest from EDM hitmaker Zedd & English singer-songwriter Griff, pop singer-songwriter Bea Miller, Aussie recording artist Ashton Irwin, indie pop artist FITZ & alternative pop band COIN! All that and more in this week’s post…

“Inside Out” by Zedd & Griff

DJ and record producer Zedd joins forces with British singer-songwriter Griff to make another EDM banger for us to enjoy! “Inside Out” follows the 31-year-old musician’s previous single release, “Funny” with Jasmine Thompson back in July. In this love song, it’s all about someone you met and deep down you know you’ve found the one, your better half. You can’t wait to spend quality time with each other, like staying up and sharing all the unique details, qualities, etc. you like about each other and being an open book about your own life to them. It will likely extend to a more deeper connection as time goes on with the likelihood of an everlasting marriage.

I love the artwork for this single. From my interpretation, it’s multiple staircases leading to a world full of light and wonderful memories. This is a metaphor for the infinite possibilities a relationship can take and explore. Even though the song title shares the same name as the 2015 PIXAR movie, the lyric video will have you feeling like you’re in the world of 2001 PIXAR’s Monster’s Inc with all the portal like doors opened like that. Very immersive experience indeed!

Whether you’re young and in love or young at heart with the one you hold close to every night, then you’ll enjoy this collaborative effort/song. I’ll admit, I didn’t know Griff before this collaboration came to the spotlight this week. Props to Zedd for working with her and now I will be checking out more of her body of work. Her vocals on this track are brilliant to hear and I hope more people will be discovering her discography moving forward.

Lastly, Zedd’s crafty mixing skills prove once again why he’s one of the best in the business for the EDM world. I love how the beats matched the lyrics Griff sang (“I’m gonna love you, love you inside out/I’m gonna love you, love you inside out/Nothing you say is gonna scare me now/Still gonna love you, love you inside out”). It’s very bouncy and upbeat and overall puts me in a good mood. I wonder what the rest of his next album will sound like. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

“making bad decisions” by Bea Miller

21-year-old singer-songwriter/The X Factor alum, Bea Miller just dropped her latest single called “making bad decisions.” This soft song packs a punch! The beginning channels a little bit of a Billie Eilish vibe in my opinion. I wonder if she’s a big fan of hers?!?

Anyways, the song talks about all the impulsive moments of one’s life. One thing leads to another and in certain cases, they don’t end up the way you expected or had hoped for.

If you’re feeling indecisive or have already made a bad choice or decision in life, the lyrics of Miller’s song will touch you to the core. Don’t worry, because it’s okay to not be okay. If you’re not feeling your usual self, relax and take a breather.

Hopefully this song will inspire you to make the changes in your life that will undo whatever that’s been bothering you. If not, talk it out with a loved one or write down your feelings in a journal and then take baby steps towards your next personal life move, goal or career choice, etc.

The lyric video seen above was created by artist, G I Z E L L A. It has a VHS aesthetic to it. Feel free to check out her work here.

“Drive” by Ashton Irwin

Well, it’s finally here… Superbloom, the solo debut album project from 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin. I picked this deep cut song because it really deserves the attention right now.

I love all the layers that Irwin put into this song and the guitar chords are just epic in sound! From my understanding, the lyrics are about attempting to reconcile a relationship via a long drive into the night. It can also be interpreted as a song about someone trying to console someone after they had broke up with somebody else. You’re there to help provide them clarity, an open mind and hope for the future.

Sonically and lyrically combined, it felt like a Coldplay and The Killers song marinated into one in my opinion.

Hearing the bridge was an eye opener. I didn’t expect it to go the way it did. It’s so good! You can really feel all the raw emotions put into the lyrics, “I’m here for you when the world is falling down/I’ll be with you when the world is falling down/Down, down, down.” A lot of emphasis on the “down’s.”

Superbloom as a whole is a must hear album! There’s simply no bad tracks. You won’t skip any of them. If you’ve a casual or hardcore 5SOS fan, you need to hear this album. If you’re into alternative rock music, you need to hear this album. Please put this on your on the road playlists this week! You won’t regret it! If you’re looking for a new contemporary rock artist to add to your physical music collection or listening library, then look no further to Ashton Irwin’s introspective solo debut record!

“Head Up High” by FITZ

FITZ, better known as the lead vocalist of Fitz And The Tantrums, the indie pop band with hits like “Handclap” and “Out Of My League,” has released his debut solo effort.

If you’re in a need of some positivity and motivation right now, then you’re in luck. “Head Up High” by FITZ is a feel good song that will do just that!

2020 has been a roller coaster year thus far. It seemed like there were a lot of lows than highs in life for many. But even when we’re knocked down proverbially, physically, mentally/or emotionally, we have to do our best to shrug it off and move forward to brighter and better days ahead.

The music video for the song is very creative, witty and imaginative. You’ll see FITZ in all sorts of outfits like an astronaut or a deep sea diver. You’ll see him in a Grand Theft Auto-esque video game driving along the coastline. You’ll even see an animated version of him with his face superimposed on the moon! Overall, this video will leave you smiling.

I also wanted to point out that the trumpet added a cool touch to the song. Love the rhythm and the flow of this single and can’t wait to hear more from FITZ in the coming weeks. He revealed on his Spotify page that he “locked [himself] in the studio for 4 months and did the only thing [he knew] how to do to keep sane: make music, make music, make music.” If this is any indication as to what his own solo songs will sound like, then I’m already sold! How about you? Chime in down below and tell me your thoughts about FITZ’s solo efforts.

“Make It Stop” by COIN

Alternative pop band COIN just dropped their first EP in a series of what they’re calling the Rainbow Mixtapes. This first wave is called the Indigo Violet EP. I picked the third track from this emotionally charged track list. It’s called “Make It Stop.”

Upon listening to this song, you will question your own life to this point. It really hits deep when you get to the lyric, “Who do I become when my youth fades away?” in the second pre-chorus section of the song.

You might feel an existential crisis coming on but don’t worry, we’re all human after all. Life moves fast and sometimes we just need to chill, reevaluate life, then get back up in pursuit of our dreams/goals. The band really put out a beautiful EP out. It’s well crafted and their efforts need to be heard by as many listeners around the world.

The band recently shared a tweet about the EP calling it, “this is the most important music we’ve ever written. This is the most fun we’ve ever had. This is about being human. This is about seeing what’s right before what’s wrong. Lemons in the lemonade.”

If you need to soak up some serotonin right now or let out a good cry then definitely go check out COIN’s Indigo Violet. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the colors in their series. How about you?

That wraps up this week’s post! Thank you all for reading another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, kindly click on the follow button down below. Also if you like, please support my work by donating to my Paypal. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about any of these picks in the comments box down below! You can also give the songs featured this week a thumbs up or a thumbs down using the buttons under each pick. As always, stay safe and happy listening!

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