New Music Friday: March 5, 2021

It’s Friday, March 5, 2021. Welcome back to another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. This week I’ve selected the following five songs from pop singer Nick Jonas, alternative pop singer Ashe & FINNEAS, rising singer-songwriter Tate McRae, pop artist Bebe Rexha & rising pop recording artists Quinn XCII & Alexander 23.

“This Is Heaven” by Nick Jonas

28-year-old singer songwriter, Nick Jonas dropped his second song from his upcoming solo album, Spaceman. He performed it for the first time last weekend on NBC’s Saturday Night Live to great positive reception (see the comments section.) Over 100 users on Twitter agreed with my sentiments:

It has a cool 1980s vibe going on with the synthesizers and bass. I love when today’s trending artists channel that 80’s feel and energy into their songs. I especially loved the saxophone part towards the bridge section of the song. The backup singers also were a welcome addition to the track which simply made it, pun intended, heavenly for the ears to hear.

According to a recent Sirius XM Hits 1 interview, Jonas cited that the song “touches upon that feeling of being reunited with your person.”

He added, “for context, Pri[yanka] went to shoot in Germany for a couple of months while I was in L.A. working on the album and other things, so that distance really settled in. When we were finally back together after all this time apart, I went and wrote this song with Greg Kurstin and Mozella whom I wrote the whole album with.”

The “Spaceman” singer wanted to capture that “euphoric feeling of being with your person.” So if you have someone special in your own life that you can say for sure is your person, then you can dedicate this song to them or play it for when you reunite if for some reason distance has set you both apart for awhile too due to work, the pandemic or for any other personal reasons.

Did you enjoy this song? Are you excited for the new album to drop on March 12th? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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“Till Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe & FINNEAS

Our world is a crazy place to live in. Events unfold, they can be both predictable and unpredictable, the latter of which can spark an existential crisis for some. But when it comes to this soothing duet ballad, you’re left with a full heart and a carefree view of the future with the one you love the most.

So if you’re in a committed and loving relationship OR have some diehard BFF’s, you will connect with this song wholeheartedly. No matter what happens in life, the love and respect you have with each other is eternal! Ashe’s lovely vocals are paired with an emotional interpretative dance that exudes the passion and romance couples and single people will adore! FINNEAS joins her in this middle of nowhere like landscape and they both dance and embrace one another in convincing fashion. A brilliant video that must be watched because they really turned their poetic lyrics into a beautiful visual story. I don’t know about you but I got chills after watching the music video and hearing the song. The arrangement of the song is phenomenal. I highly recommend you add this track by these two fine artists today!

Ever since I’ve discovered Ashe last year when she released “Moral of the Story” with Niall Horan, I’ve been a fan of hers and there’s no denying the sheer talent that she has as a singer-songwriter. The fact that she joined forces with FINNEAS, another amazing singer-songwriter is like a match made in heaven. I hope they collaborate again in the future! What do you all think about their collaboration? Voice your opinions in the comments below.

“slower” by Tate McRae


17-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter, Tate McRae, revealed that she will be releasing a brand new EP called Too Young To Be Sad later this month on March 26th. It will contain 6 tracks including the previously released songs, “r u ok,” “rubberband,” & the Platinum-certified smash hit, “you broke me first” along with the latest single “slower,” and the unreleased “bad ones” & “i wish i loved you in the 90s.”

In “slower,” she talks about a relationship that’s not on the same speed. Take for example, you want to move things a bit quicker than what your boyfriend or girlfriend wants. Your lover is making things difficult as you move forward. You can attempt to moving things slower in order to compromise. But will they still love you in the process?!? Results will indeed vary from one relationship to another.

I enjoyed McRae’s mellow vocals on this track and can’t wait to hear the remaining unheard tracks from her second EP effort. I feel this song has the potential to be her next mainstream hit. It’s good chill music if you want to put this on your playlists for when you want to contemplate about life and or your current or future relationship status.

I applaud her for continuing to put out songs that really convey the emotional rollercoaster life of young love. She has a great knack at writing these deep verses at such a young age in my opinion. Do you agree? Are you excited for the new EP? Let me know how you feel about this latest release. Comment below!

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“Sacrifice” by Bebe Rexha


31-year-old singer-songwriter, Bebe Rexha is back with another sampling of her upcoming second album. It’s called “Sacrifice” which follows her hit collaborative track with Doja Cat, “Baby I’m Jealous,” released last year. This new one is sure to be her next hit in my opinion!

This dance pop track has an addictive melody. Shout out to producer, BURNS for making this hot new club song! He’s responsible for producing some of the biggest pop hits including Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me,” Louis Tomlinson’s “Always You,” and Britney Spears’ “Make Me…” just to name a few.

From my interpretation, it’s a power anthem that one can assert in one’s love life. You don’t want the one you’re dating to leave you. You want their undivided attention or else they will have to make some hard decisions to sacrifice whatever it is that’s distracting them from you.

Feel free to add this track to your post-COVID party playlists, to your workout playlists, and to your indoor dancing in your living room playlists!

The music video is very sanguine. So if you’re a rather skittish about blood, this is a heads up warning. Otherwise, enjoy the video which contains chains, lots of dancing, Rexha with vampire teeth, and much more!

Are you excited for BR2? Do you like the latest sound from her? Share how you feel in the comments box down below, and also letting me know your thoughts/predictions for the new era!

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“We Don’t Talk Enough” by Quinn XCII & Alexander 23


Alternative artist, Mikael Temrowski better known by his stage name Quinn XCII, has a fresh new track out now called, “We Don’t Talk Enough” with rising musician, Alexander 23. The two sing about having friends that are losing touch. The only thing you have in common these days is the line that they sing, “we don’t talk enough.”

Do you have friends in your life that were so close to you at one point but as time marched on, you feel isolated away from them? Then this song will hit you right in the feels. It’s tough how everyone’s lives can just drift apart from one another due to a number of reasons. For example, a change of job or company, moving to a new city, state or country, lost of common interests, an argument, an abrupt ending to your chain of texts, or being left on read without any follow up response or explanation.

I also got some pandemic affected vibes in this song. You haven’t talked to the ones you thought were your friends during quarantine and now things have gotten bleak in the social department. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just that circumstances prevented you from interacting.

Musically speaking, I felt this was a cool pairing to come into fruition. Their voices blend well together. I liked the overall acoustic guitar vibes on this track. Lyrically speaking, it’s quite a bummer, but at the same time, the song should inspire listeners to reach out to people they haven’t spoken to in awhile. You might not get the response you were looking for or the reaction you had hoped for but it’s worth trying at least.

Did you feel seen by this track? Are you planning on listening to the new Quinn XCII album? Would you like to see them collaborate again in the future? Let me know your thoughts. 😎

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