New Music Friday: April 9, 2021

Greetings readers! It’s Friday, April 9th, 2021 and I’ve got five more picks for you to go and check out this week. Pop superstar Taylor Swift just released her re-recording of Fearless called Fearless (Taylor’s Version), alternative pop singer Ashe has her latest single out now, rock group twenty one pilots with their latest single off their forthcoming sixth album, English artist Rag’n’Bone Man & pop singer P!nk teamed up for a powerful track & last but not least alternative rock band Of Monsters and Men offers a surprise release. All that and more in this week’s New Music Friday!

Philip's Music Corner Presents New Music Friday (APRIL 9, 2021).

“We Were Happy” by Taylor Swift


Pop megastar Taylor Swift has been keeping us fed during this year’s long and counting pandemic. Her work ethic is unmatched in the industry! Truly remarkable to witness for sure!

Today, she brings the finished re-recording of her 2008 album, Fearless in what’s dubbed Fearless (Taylor’s Version). It contains the original 20 tracks plus 6 additional new songs from her vault! (7 if you count the Elvira Remix of “Love Story” for those with the deluxe edition.)

I would like to shine the spotlight on one of those vault songs and it’s going to be track #23: “We Were Happy.” This song is about kicking yourself at the lost potential of a relationship that you broke up with in your past. You’re now thinking of all the good times you shared with your ex. When you were a couple, no other couple could match the spark that you guys possessed.

Fun Fact: Country star Keith Urban sings harmonies on this track. Check out her tweet:

Her current production styles combined with the verses she wrote originally as a teenager make for a potent and vulnerable track!

Feel free to check out Urban’s collaboration with Swift in “That’s When” which delves into a past relationship that needed some time apart and eventual thoughts of coming back.

Her YouTube page contains lyric videos for all the songs by the way! Each of them with their own unique design and aesthetic. So creative and cool!

Get your Fearless (Taylor’s Version) merch today!

What’s your favorite “From The Vault” song? Favorite original track to relive? Isn’t it amazing to see that phonographic copyright (the circled P) in the end of each video? She has the rights to the master recordings of Fearless finally! What album do you think she will re-release next? Let me know in the comments below.

“I’m Fine” by Ashe


It was a busy and fruitful week for the 27-year-old singer-songwriter! Ashe announced the release date and title of her upcoming debut album. It’s called Ashlyn, appropriately named after her given birth name, and it will be out on May 7th! She also surprised her fans with a brand new single called “I’m Fine.”

This latest song sounds so unique and nothing like her previous singles like the romantic “Till Forever Falls Apart” with FINNEAS or the cathartic relationship-centric song “Save Myself.” “I’m Fine” is about hiding your true feelings from others. If your peers check in on you and ask you, “are you okay?” and you respond with the simple and classic excuse of an answer, “I’m Fine,” when in reality you’re not, then this song is right in your lane!

I feel like this will resonate with a lot of listeners thanks in part due to the pandemic uprooting everyone’s sense of normalcy over the past year. It’s okay to feel down and sad at times. However, hopefully you do have a good support system of family and friends to hear you out whenever you need to vent out things bothering you or to just keep your self-esteem from dropping like a rock. But if not, don’t be afraid to talk to someone you know for help or reconnect with an old long distance friend for a casual chat, you never know how much they can help you emotionally and mentally.

Hopefully the video seen above puts a nice smile upon your face as we see the “Moral of the Story” musician in studio producing and recording her first record as well as scenes from various photo shoots for the debut LP! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the new tracks that will be a part of A1! How about you?

Get the official Ashlyn merch, right here!

“Shy Away” by twenty one pilots


Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun a.k.a the guys of rock duo, twenty one pilots are back with a brand new single to kickoff their sixth album era, Scaled And Icy. That title is an anagram for “Clancy Is Dead,” which refers to the character from their Trench era.

The new up tempo song out now is called “Shy Away,” and from my interpretation it talks about getting out of your comfort zone(s) and chasing your dreams. Some notable lyrics as sung by Joseph: “Shed your modesty/And the only thing to leave behind/Is your own skin on the floor.”

As seen in the accompanying music video, we see them jamming out in their performance which features neon lights, masked clones of them(?) (which reminds me of The Weeknd clones from the Super Bowl LV Halftime for some reason) and a CGI dragon in the background (that’s one of the iconic elements I assume we’ll be seeing prominently in their new era, much like the Greek letter psi, we see depicted on the new album’s artwork.)

Noticeably absent on the new record are their standalone singles from 2020, the Gold-certified quarantine jam “Level of Concern,” and their holiday song “Christmas Saves The Year.”

The new album will be releasing May 21st and they’re going to have a huge live stream event that same day at 8 P.M. EST. Tickets for that concert experience can be bought here. Other exclusive content is unlocked for those who buy one including limited edition merch.

For the latest merch, check the link here.

“Anywhere Away From Here” by Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk


This duet ballad by Rag’n’Bone Man & P!nk speaks volumes to those feeling depressed, frustrated or trapped in a life they don’t want to live anymore for whatever personal reason(s). I felt the emotional connection/energies the two artists brought to this song. I thought it was a cool collaborative pairing! I certainly didn’t predict the two would work together. Very refreshing to hear!

If you need an emotional reset or some sonic therapy, please listen to this song. Hopefully it will bring you some clarity in life and perhaps change your mindset in pursuing a better and brighter future. For example, a plan to move out from your current neighborhood to a new town or country OR to break up with someone that’s being abusive or emotionally draining to you. You will eventually either remain strong and independent or maybe find new love with a more compassionate and understanding person.

You can expect this song to be a part of Rag’s upcoming second studio album, Life by Misadventure which will be releasing on May 7th via Columbia Records.

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“Destroyer” by Of Monster and Men


Icelandic alternative rock group, Of Monsters and Men sneakily dropped a new track out now without any warning! No social media mention or promotion of this new song called “Destroyer.” (UPDATE: until 10am est this morning) This follows the release of their single “Visitor,” which dropped last September.

I really dig the vibes on this track which is quite chilling and ethereal in sound. Nanna and Ragnar’s vocals gave me goosebumps once again! “Destroyer” is multi-layered like an onion or a chocolate ball. There’s simply so much to unpack! I love the arrangement of the song especially the 90 second buildup and the sweet strings and drums. It’s such a mood booster!

I don’t know about you but the mysterious sculptures seen in the lyric video reminded me of this.

I’m not sure if this song will be a part of a new album effort. If so, it will be their fourth studio album, following 2019’s Fever Dream. We shall just wait and see in the coming weeks/months for what’s next! Share your thoughts and predictions about the new song/era below.

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As always, stay safe, happy listening and I’ll see you again next week!

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