New Music Friday: April 23, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. In this week’s post, we have new tracks coming to you from pop/R&B hitmaker The Weeknd with pop star Ariana Grande, rising artists PJ Harding & Noah Cyrus, Broadway star/singer-songwriter Ben Platt, indie pop band CHVRCHES & last but not least EDM duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike w/ DJ’s AZTECK & Angemi!

Scroll on down to read all about them! 🙂

“Save Your Tears (Remix)” by The Weeknd with Ariana Grande


Billboard Hot 100 mainstays, The Weeknd & Ariana Grande have teamed up on this remix of the former’s hit song, “Save Your Tears.” It’s the first time the latter has collaborated on one of his songs. On the flip side, he has worked with her a couple times on her records, namely “Love Me Harder” from her My Everything album and “Off The Table” from her Positions album which recently was certified Platinum.

In this iteration, we hear Miss Grande offering her signature embellished high notes and verses to this track about offering no emotional support for your exes. “I kept my distance ’cause I know that you/Don’t love when I’m with nobody else/I couldn’t help it, I put you through hell.”

For The Weeknd’s parts, its pretty much the same as the original version. When the two sing the chorus together, that’s when things feel a little bit different. Love the harmonies when they sing “I don’t know why I run away.” Having both the male/female dynamic emphasizes the complicated feelings post-breakup even more than the original. I think this collaboration works well! What are your thoughts?

See the above animated music video. Very creative! Props to the animators, producers and the design teams for making a cool colorful video.

It’ll be interesting to see the two perform this version in concert one day post-pandemic in his 2022 tour or in a future awards show event!

The original version has peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s only a matter of time that this one does the same.

Get your official The Weeknd merch, here. Get your official Ariana Grande merch, here.

“The Worst Of You” by PJ Harding & Noah Cyrus


“The Worst Of You” by PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus will sedate your ears and hit the soul hard. Feels everywhere! The lyrics to this duet song delve into a relationship that’s not fulfilling. You continue to still see this person even though there’s nothing impressive about him/her/them. It’s tragic and sad but you still hold onto a glimmer of hope that you can change things or improve the quality of the relationship. You pay the price of a loveless relationship in the long run. Tread carefully if this is a similar boat you’re currently sailing in.

Melodically this is a beautiful song to hear, I really love both of their vocals, they complement all the other duets they’ve done together as packaged in their new six-track EP, People Don’t Changeout now!

Click on the visualizer above for some pretty scenes including some gorgeous grazing horses. Click here to check out my previous spotlight on the two where I discuss their previous single, “You Belong To Somebody Else.”

“Imagine” by Ben Platt


Ben Platt, the 27-year-old successful singer-songwriter/actor, has a new song out now called “Imagine.” This up-tempo song will suit well with listeners who have a loving soulmate in life. Without them you can’t imagine what life would be like! They’ve done so much for your own life that you can consider them your savior. Platt cited the song as “for the person in your life that makes the ordinary a lil bit magical.”

Everything from the soaring chorus to the sweet falsettos in the bridge section proves to me that this song has to be mentioned and included in this week’s picks. Check out the official music video to see Platt’s emotional interpretation of these heartfelt verses.

Hope to see him perform this live one day! How about you? What do you think about his latest single?

Fans of his can expect him to reprise his role as Evan Hansen in the Dear Evan Hansen movie slated to release this fall on September 24th. So be on the look out for that! Also, in case you missed his 2020 Netflix concert film, Ben Platt Live from Radio City Music Hall, click here.

Check out the official merch store for Ben Platt, right here!

“He Said She Said” by CHVRCHES


Scottish indie pop band, CHVRCHES is back with a cool new song that screams about the frustrations one might experience in life. People tell you to look a certain way, be a certain way or do a certain thing but then they also say to just chill and not think about it so hard or too much to the point it annoys them. That will literally drive you bonkers!! What do you do!?!?

I love lead singer, Lauren Mayberry’s vocals on this excellently crafted track that’s expected to be a part of the group’s upcoming fourth studio album effort. I also enjoyed hearing the synthesizers mixed in as well. It’s very catchy and deserves your ears this week and beyond! I applaud them for addressing these themes in this single and I feel it will resonate with a lot of listeners.

I can’t wait to see and hear more from them later this year! How about you? Share your opinions down below in the comments box.

Check out their crimson/orange-tinged music video featuring some nifty VFX seen above. A lot went down in making said video and Mayberry shared some thoughts about the production:

“We’ll Be Dancing Soon” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Azteck & Angemi


Hit EDM brother DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike teamed up with AZTECK & Angemi, two other well-known electronic music DJ’s/producers. This song will lift your spirits as we inch closer to crushing this pandemic.

The song speaks for itself. We WILL be dancing soon and getting the opportunity again to see our favorite artists in concert eventually. We WILL be able to hug and hold our loved ones and friends again.

The pandemic shall not last forever so hearing a song like this is reassuring to listeners around the world. Just hang in there a little longer because we’re all in this together!

From a production standpoint, this deserves a big fat 💯! I enjoyed the dioramic lyrics video seen above containing outer space elements.

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