New Music Friday: April 30, 2021

As we conclude April and begin May this weekend, here are my music picks for you to check out and consider for your playlists. This week, we have new tracks coming to you from multi Grammy award-winning pop star Billie Eilish, world-renowned DJ’s Afrojack & David Guetta, pop rock band Waterparks, Canadian musician Lights & alternative pop band The Band CAMINO!

“Your Power” by Billie Eilish


7x Grammy-winner Billie Eilish dropped her newest single this week called, “Your Power.” She also announced the title of her upcoming second studio album. It’s called Happier Than Ever and will be releasing on July 30th via Darkroom/Interscope Records. “Your Power” becomes the third single from said album following last summer’s hit song, “my future” and last fall’s “Therefore I Am.”

Once again, she teamed up with her Grammy-winning big brother, FINNEAS in writing and producing this track. It delves into her abusive relationship with rapper 7:AMP back when she was just 16-years-old. It must’ve taken a lot of time, energy and healing to be brave enough to pen a song like this about a tough moment in her life. I commend her vulnerability and knack for translating it to a chilling and eye-opening song. It’s going to resonate with a lot of listeners especially for those who were sadly stuck in a relationship at one point where they were taken advantage of.

The music video shows Eilish in a desert-like landscape up on a hill singing pensively as a snake wraps around her. The use of the snake best illustrates that constricted feeling in a bad relationship. Powerful imagery!

From a sonic POV, this song is very soothing to hear. If you love easy listening music, definitely add this track to your playlists.

ICYMI: For her new era, the 19-year-old artist revealed last month, her new blonde look, seen here. It has since led to a lot of media buzz, and positive feedback from her adoring fans across her social media.

There will be a total of 16 songs on Happier Than Ever. I expect more singles later this year as we get closer to the album release. Feel free to share your hype and predictions as to which track(s) will reach radio waves in the comments box down below.

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“Hero” by Afrojack & David Guetta


Dutch DJ Afrojack collaborated with French DJ David Guetta for another spectacular and uplifting anthem! Lyrically, while addressed to a 17-year-old girl trying to cut her teeth in the big city like NYC for example, this song can still apply to anyone both young and old listening to it. You might think your dreams and goals can be unattainable at times. But if you look in the mirror, you’re truly are stronger than you think you are. You are the hero in your life. You can do remarkable things in life if you put your mind into your aspirations.

Fun Fact: Pop singers Ellie Goulding and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder helped co-wrote the song!

The lyrics video seen above shows some iconic parts of NYC like the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge & the World Trade Center!

Production wise, Afrojack & Guetta made an epic earworm that’s sure to delight fans! My favorite part would be the beats laid out to the line, “There’s a hero in you!” Feel free to share your best parts of the song in the comments below. 😍

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“You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)” by Waterparks


Earlier this week, pop punk group, Waterparks gave fans another sampling off their forthcoming album, Greatest Hits (releasing 5/21/21 via 300 Entertainment) in “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You).” It follows the previously released singles, “Lowkey As Hell,” “Snow Globe” & “Numb.”

Melodically the chorus will be stuck in your head for days to come! Lead singer, Awsten Knight sings, “You’d be paranoid too/If everyone you knew/Was out to get you.” It’s so catchy that you will feel the opposite of paranoia! Love the arrangement and the way the song cuts off at the end which I presume will be a smoother transition once we hear the track list play out in full.

Lyrically speaking, from my own interpretation, this song talks about the negative aspects of fame. Stress and paranoia can literally drive you crazy! For example, being away from home for so long, going on little sleep day in and day out during the touring phase, bumping into disrespectful “fans,” and unrealistic demands from fans. The list goes on!

Fun Fact: Coincidentally, the title of this track is the same as Knight’s 2019 autobiography, seen here.

The song also references pop singer Britney Spears’ infamous breakdown/head shaving moment back in 2007 in the third verse to describe cutting out the bad people out of your life and all of the bad energies surrounding your life. I wonder if there will be more pop culture references in Greatest Hits. Previously, Grammy-winning pop rock band, Coldplay got mentioned in “Numb.” Waterparks claims to be just like them, it’s just that they can liberally use the F-word. And finally, rapper Drake gets mentioned as a type of problem in “Lowkey.”

Anyways, the band is eagerly excited to perform this live. How about you? Their upcoming virtual streaming event will take place live at The Wiltern on June 4th at 9pm! Tickets are still available, here.

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“Beside Myself” by Lights


Successful Canadian singer-songwriter, Lights dropped a new single called “Beside Myself” this week, which follows her 2020 Dead End EP effort. It starts off pretty relaxed, soothing and sedated to the ears then gradually picks up to a more up tempo track by the 1:45 mark.

She describes this song’s mood as somewhere in between happy and sad, something she finds herself in often in life.

To me I feel like this song is about someone longing for companionship. You don’t want to be left hanging alone. It can describe life moments like a childhood or current friend moving away from you, or perhaps a breakup in a relationship where the love you shared is no longer keeping you two afloat. You have to face the inevitable loneliness that ensues thereafter. It may also illustrate someone who’s gravely ill and you need that comfort and care from a family member in your final days on Earth. 😢

Did You Know? This track was mostly produced by a team of women. Check out her recent IG post which credits the amazing producers/engineers that helped her bring this track to life.

It remains unknown at this point whether this song will be a part of a bigger body of work later down the line. Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing more songs from Lights in 2021. This song is already saved on my playlist, how about yours?

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“Sorry Mom” by The Band CAMINO


Alt-pop band, The Band CAMINO has a new song out now called “Sorry Mom.” The title speaks for itself in being apologetic about the actions one has done in life that could disappoint your mom. Whether that’s bringing random girls home from parties, to not calling your mom often while you’re away from home, or drinking too much alcohol, or perhaps just swearing up a storm, you are owning up to your mistakes.

Listeners with regrets in life will relate to this song wholeheartedly. You are human still at the end of the day and by acknowledging your wrongdoings, at least you’re on the right path to reconciliation and a stronger bond with your mom, stepmother, aunt, grandma, maternal figure, what have you. Hopefully your apologies do get accepted should you confess them out in the open. If not, time and patience will be of essence. 🤞

Overall, I like this slow jam ballad. It has a beautiful melody. It’s another one of those soft songs that you need to hear this week! It will still hit you in the core even if you haven’t done anything bad in life.

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That wraps up this week’s post!! Thank you all for reading this edition of New Music Friday here at Philip’s Music Corner. If you liked what you read, kindly click on the follow button down below. Also if you like, please support my work by donating to my Paypal. I truly appreciate your time reading my posts!

As always, stay safe, happy listening and I’ll see you again next week! 


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