OneRepublic: “Run” (First Reactions)

It’s been a hot minute since OneRepublic released a new song! Folks, the wait is finally over! “Run,” is their latest single off their upcoming album, Human and it’s also their first release of 2021!! Click below to watch the official music video!


Initial First Thoughts:

-I like the whistling intro so far!

-Catchy hook if I do say so myself. Love the flow of repetition of the word “run.”

-I love the changing sets and backdrops that Ryan walks through.

-Hello product placements: Jeep Sahara, Mad Tasty (Ryan’s hemp-derived sparkling water beverage brand) & Skyy Vodka.

My take and message that I get from hearing the verses: Count your blessings, keep chasing your dreams even if it ends in failure. Live your life how you want to! Continue to find joy in life much like you did when you were a child.

-Haha to the costume changes! That must’ve been fun! Kudos to the set designers and crew.

-I felt the Wild West scene depicts the showdown one goes through in life when making critical career moves.

-Tedder’s dance moves are 💯 yet again! He should continue to dance in MV’s moving forward. Relive his cool moves in the band’s single, “Wanted.”

-I feel this could be their next big radio hit!

-Check out my past OneRepublic spotlights:
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Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan and the band teased on social some behind the scenes moments from their music video shoot and these movie poster styled images prior to today’s release. ICYMI: Check them out below!

I want to know which ones are your faves?

I’m excited the band is planning on releasing their long-awaited fifth studio album, Human sometime this year. Their rescheduled tour begins next year in Europe! Hopefully by next year everyone outside of Europe will also get a chance to see them perform live in concert!

Lead singer, Ryan Tedder said that once that proverbial faucet opens, they’re going to be quite busy promoting and performing these new songs and more!

Be sure to check them out tomorrow morning (5/6/21) performing/kicking off NBC’s The TODAY Show‘s Citi Concert Series. It’s their first plaza performance since the pandemic shut things down nearly 15 months ago and I’m happy they chose perennial favorite OneRepublic to help usher in some normalcy! Only frontline workers are allowed to attend. Everyone else can watch from the comforts of their home. 🙂

Video link will be posted here after the event.

5/6 UPDATE: Here’s the link to the concert event! Enjoy!

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As always, stay safe, happy listening and I’ll see you again later this week for another First Reactions post! 


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