Calvin Harris feat. Tom Grennan: “By Your Side” (First Reactions)

Happy New Music Friday! I wanted to shine the spotlight on a brand-new track from Scottish DJ/hit record producer/singer-songwriter, Calvin Harris. He enlisted the vocal stylings of British musician, Tom Grennan on “By Your Side.”

Scroll on down to check out my first reactions to the song plus more!

“By Your Side” by Calvin Harris feat. Tom Grennan


Facts & First Reactions:

-Duration of Song: 3:09

-Released via Sony Music Entertainment UK

Tom Grennan has seen a surge of exposure lately. He released a new album earlier in March called Evering Road which hit #1 on the UK Charts (OCC.) In February, he collaborated with fellow English artist, Ella Henderson on her track, “Let’s Go Home Together.” That one peaked at #10 on the UK Charts and #11 on the Irish Singles Charts.

-Now the 25-year-old artist is singing on the bright sunny new track with Calvin Harris providing the earworm beats! It’s the first time the two have worked together.

-Did You Know? British singer-songwriter, John Newman (see “Blame” with Calvin Harris) helped co-wrote the song.

-This is Harris’ first song for 2021 which follows his collaboration song, “Over Now” with The Weeknd last August. ICYMI: read my thoughts about that track, here.

-I really loved this new song. It’s an uplifting anthem to have even if you’re single!

-The beats that Harris places onto the track starting at 0:30 is so infectious! Great motivation to get up in the morning and tackle your goals for the day! It also has that summertime vibe! Pairs well with Harris’ solo song, “Summer” from 2014.

-I love the crowded field of sunflowers in the official lyric video with the digital billboard screen showing hypnotic colors and shapes plus the faces of Harris & Grennan. It makes me feel like I’m at a concert right now! The sunflowers themselves represents all the smiling faces in the crowd attending said concert.

-Hopefully you will be able to attend a concert (or two or more) safely later this summer or fall. If not, 2022 will be your year! #manifestit

-From a lyrical standpoint: I felt that this song talks about being by your lover’s side through thick and thin. Through all the challenges life brings, through all the happy times and sad, the love you two share will undoubtedly be eternal. If you are single, you can still feel the same sentiments towards your family or your favorite family member.

-Check out Calvin’s promotional thank-you post featuring his handsome golden retriever, Boris:

Thanks for reading my thoughts about this new song! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Comment below your thoughts, give a like and follow me to get notified when the next post is up!

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Stay safe and happy listening!


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