New Music Friday: June 11, 2021

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Since the “mood edition” of New Music Friday was a hit with the readers the first time around, I’m bringing it back this week!! Scroll on down to see which artists made this week’s list!

Philip's Music Corner Presents...New Music Friday (June 11, 2021) Mood Edition.

“Solar Power” by Lorde


🌞 because this is Lorde’s first new song in FOUR YEARS! She’s saying summer has arrived early this year with this bright and sunny music video by the shoreline! Fun Fact: By releasing on June 10th, it coincidentally was the same day an actual solar eclipse occurred!

🏖️ and 🍹 because the song ignites that desire to go to the beach or chill poolside with a nice refreshing drink. #soakinthatvitaminD

👉🏽 this is the same title of her upcoming third studio album which she promises will see the light of day sometime this year! Click here and here to see what she had to say!

👏🏽 to Grammy award-winning artist/producer Jack Antonoff for helping her co-write the song! Also 👏🏽 to fellow musicians Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo for providing background vocals on this track!

😉 😉 😉 #iykyk

“I Quit Drinking” by Kelsea Ballerini & LANY


❌ 🍷 to represent the fact that there’s no more alcohol intake after suffering from a relationship lost.

💔 Wow! A heartbreak song with this unique twist! Usually, when you breakup, you have the urge to drink your sorrows away, but in this case couples who relate to the song’s lyrics will STOP drinking because it would remind you of all the drunken escapades and fun memories you once shared with your now ex. Doing so will prevent you from feeling like the old times.

🙌 at their debut duet performance at this week’s CMT Music Awards! #ICYMI: See the performance here:

Love the energies and emotions Paul Klein of LANY and Kelsea Ballerini brought to this performance! This collaboration rocks!

“How Dare You Want More” by Bleachers


🔥 to this amazing new jam from Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers! I love a good jam sesh and this is one of those feel good jams you just have to put on your playlists this week!

🎷 THOSE SAXES!! Keep making the sax more mainstream is what I have to say after hearing that! Haven’t heard the saxophone in mainstream pop since Nick Jonas’ “This Is Heaven.” How about you? Agree?

💯 to the band being the first in-studio musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week since the pandemic began! Check out their performance here:

“Cloudy Day” by Tones And I


☀️ always find the sun on a cloudy day! I love that message! No matter what, you should always seek the positive(s) in life!

👍🏽 👍🏽 to the video being animated. I thought it was a cute concept!

😊 your mind starts to wander and reminisce about the memories you made growing up. It’s true…the older you are, the wiser you get. Sometimes its best to remind yourself of those great times and be grateful for the youthful times spent with past friends and classmates, as well as family members like your grandparents. Perhaps it will inspire you to make a scrapbook, or develop photos to put into a photo album that you will cherish for a lifetime. Great rainy day idea tbh!

“WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” by HONNE feat. Pink Sweat$


💪🏽 because you have to flex your proverbial muscles and seize the day! Ask whoever you’re crushing on if you can date them before it’s too late! You will live in regrets if you don’t.

😎 to the overall sound/programmed beats of the track especially the interesting sounding distorted guitars in the bridge section starting at 2:19.

😲 to HONNE tweeting and teasing the new era! See tweet: “This year is about to get even more crazy.” Ahhh! Wonder what HONNE has in store for us! If it’s a full album, it will be their third official album following last year’s mixtape, no song without you.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and moods in this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Comment below your thoughts, give a like and follow me to get notified when the next post is up!

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Stay safe and happy listening! ✌️


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