AJR: “3 O’Clock Things” Music Video (First Reactions)

Indie pop trio, AJR just released their highly anticipated new music video for “3 O’Clock Things” a.k.a. track number 3 off their fourth studio album, OK Orchestra. Here below are my first reactions of said video with the corresponding timecodes.

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Ajr-3-oclock-things-lyrics


0:05 Ok, we see Ryan and Adam…and…

0:15 EZRA the lighting/production designer!?!! Where’s Jack? Why isn’t he in the video? Now its AER!! LOL!

0:22 OMG Ezra in a onesie recreating scenes from the “I’m Not Famous” music video!

0:32 Ezra as Jack in the boat from “Dear Winter.”

0:42 Cool the full band sans Jack performing in the park like the old busking days! The throwback TB3 shirts!!

0:51 “Sober Up”!!!!!

1:00 “Bang!” but out on the streets. *zooms in* Hey that red car matches the aesthetic of their suits!

1:07 Even Ezra as little Jack in the animated “My Play.” Little Ezra!!

1:12 Ooo masks! *sings and stares at camera*

1:23 “Bummerland” running! Adam’s hair flow is on point! He’s wearing a different outfit from the original bike riding/running scene in. Compare that here: 1:53

1:28 Ahhh now Ezra is the one running down frantically like Adam did in the “Way Less Sad” music video!

1:41 Huh!?! What’s this “The Latest Late Show?”

1:42 Ohhhhh, they’re parodying their Jimmy Kimmel Live performance! πŸ™‚

1:52 Recreating their in-depth interview on “The Zach Sang Show.”

2:02 Zach Sang: “without the hits.” Zach is now immortalized in an AJR music video!!!

2:09 “OK Overture”!!! Intense drumming sans snow of course.

2:30 Ezra staring into the camera!! Hard not to laugh and keep a straight face! LOL! I don’t think he even blinked.

2:40 Hey it’s that scene from “Come Hang Out.”

3:26 Seeing Ezra mouth the words “if you’re fu*king racist, then don’t come to my show” hits deep!

3:30 Finally we get a cameo of the real Jack a.k.a. the director of the music video!!

3:41 Ezra got hit by the train by the magic of digital effects just like the “Weak” video.

3:47 PEEK A BOO!

3:52 I love that “3 O’Clock Things” got it’s own digital placement.


4:10 Jack stroking Ezra’s beard hahahah!

4:24 Jack running into the frame in their “Bummerland” recreation.

4:35 Ezra receiving the honorary Jack hat! Perfect way to end this MV. I loved every moment!


I love how they’re paying homage to their older music videos! The recreation of those iconic moments must’ve been fun for everyone involved in this music video production! I want to see Jack direct again in the future! The music video concept for “3OT” was perfectly executed and made me nostalgic to watch all their music videos again. And those TB3 shirts! Wow what a throwback that was. Nice to see them wearing that again in bigger sizes of course!

Let me know how you felt about the music video? What were your favorite moments? Share them in the comments below!

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