New Music Friday: June 25, 2021

Hello readers! It’s Friday, June 25, 2021 and I have another round of picks coming your way this weekend. Check out the latest tracks from pop superstar Ed Sheeran, pop band LANY, alternative pop group Bastille, alternative band The Band CAMINO & pop musicians MAX & Ali Gatie.

“Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran


-Duration of song: 3:51
-Released today via Atlantic Records UK.

-This is the 1st new single for Ed in 2021. It follows his only single in 2020 in “Afterglow.”

-If you used to have a wild side and often possessed reckless behavior (example: constant partying, and drinking) in your youth, then this song is for you.
-For some reason I initially thought this was Ed trying to model his look after The Weeknd’s After Hours look.
-Seeing Ed in makeup as a vampire is pretty surreal.
-I wonder what the new era will look like and will the vampire look recur in future music videos?!
-This has “Song of the Summer ’21” written all over it. Expect this to take over mainstream radio for the rest of the year!
-Times change and people grow and evolve so it’s kind of nice to see him touch upon this subject and be vulnerable with his past.

Song Meaning:
-Ed is reflecting on his old partying ways and bad habits before he got married and had his first child with wife, Cherry Seaborn.

“dancing in the kitchen” by LANY


-Duration of song: 3:28
-Released today via Polydor Records.

-This single follows the collaboration with Kelsea Ballerini in “I Quit Drinking.” That song released just two weeks ago. You can read my spotlight on that song, here.

-If you want a nice song to have on your shared couple’s playlists, then this is the one!
-The music video was sweet to watch. Lead singer, Paul Jason Klein got the dance moves!

Song Meaning:
-From my POV, its when someone professes their love for their significant other. You don’t care what the world is like, all that is in the background. What matters most is your relationship.

Distorted Light Beam” by Bastille


-Duration of song: 2:57
-Released on 6/23/21 via Virgin Records.

-This is the 1st single off their forthcoming untitled fourth studio album.
-OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder co-wrote the song.

-I really dig this futuristic, experimental sound. It’s definitely a departure from their hits like “Happier,” and “Pompeii.”
-I feel like this is a song you could play right before sleeping and then your mind will drift off and go to all sorts of paths during REM sleep. Dreams can get pretty strange and wild!
-I also feel like this is a cool track to play at a club. It has dance elements to it that would work well for parties, hang outs and get togethers.
-The artwork for the single is quite eclectic.

Song Meaning:
-Lead singer, Dan Smith explained in an interview for BBC Radio 1 that the song is “about limitless possibilities – which isn’t something any of us actually have in real life right now, so it’s been fun to explore that idea while experimenting with new sounds in our music.”

“Know It All” by The Band CAMINO


-Duration of song: 3:01
-Released today via Elektra Records.

-This single follows the release of “Sorry Mom” earlier in April.
-This song is slated to appear on their self-titled debut album.

-Great melody. Love that guitar solo before the bridge section.

Song Meaning:
-I feel like this is speaking on behalf of someone with lingering feelings towards their ex. You still feel wronged by your ex even when they’ve moved on with someone new. You won’t intervene with their new relationship but at the same time you still ponder what they’ll say about you to this new person they’re dating. Perhaps some pettiness is included into the equation and maybe some future snark too.

“Butterflies” by MAX & Ali Gatie


-Duration of Song: 3:11
-Released today via Colour Vision Records.

-This is the first time the two artists have collaborated with each other.
-This is the first new song MAX has put out in 2021.
-This single follows the hit 2020 song, “Blueberry Eyes” feat. Suga of BTS released last summer.
-This is the first new single for Ali Gatie since his second studio album release, The Idea of Her back in March.

-For some reason the beginning of the song reminded me of the start of Maroon 5’s “Memories.”
-I loved the little story within the story in the music video. MAX watches his daughter grow up before his very eyes. She eventually dates and gets engaged to Ali Gatie’s character.
-I also love the sheer happiness of the video. Seeing MAX, his wife, Emily and their daughter, Edie Celine in the video is simply a Hallmark moment! Also shoutout to Skye Ferrero and Brooke Castillo for playing the child and young adult versions of Edie.

Song Meaning:
-From my interpretation, the song talks about the nervousness (the good kind) you feel all throughout a relationship and the fact that the person you fell in love with makes your heart flutter no matter what.

Thanks for reading my thoughts in this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you enjoyed these picks as much as I did! Comment below your thoughts, give a like and follow me to get notified when the next post is up!

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