OneRepublic: Human (First Reactions)

The day has finally arrived! OneRepublic’s highly anticipated fifth studio album is finally available to purchase, download and stream! Human contains 12 new tracks (17 if you buy the deluxe edition from Target stores.) The album was suppose to drop last spring but lead singer, Ryan Tedder and his bandmates decided to postpone it due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the awkwardness of releasing new music at such a weird time. The new record has already spawned five singles prior to today’s release. It all started back in 2019 when Platinum hit, “Rescue Me” dropped. Subsequently, fan favorite singles, “Wanted,” “Didn’t I,” “Better Days,” & “Run” were released over the course of 2019, 2020 and now into 2021.

Here below are my initial first reactions to each song including their latest single, “Someday.”

Released August 27, 2021 via Mosley & Interscope.



-I’ve previously covered my initial reactions for “Run” and you can read them, right here.

Some added notes about the track:

-As of August 2021, the music video has eclipsed the 14M views mark on YouTube. It’s their #1 most popular played track on Spotify with 135M streams and counting!
-#ICYMI: Watch their TV performances from Today Show, Ellen, The Voice (US).
-Check out their behind the scenes video showing the production and makings of the official music video.
-Check out these other versions of the song: Collins Remix (love the strings), Jacaranda Remix (has that club aesthetic) & their collaboration with Mariah Angeliq for a Latin Version (a cool twist in aural flavor to listen to.)



-Here’s the official teaser snippet clip!

-Ok, I like the vibes leading towards the chorus! πŸ’–
-Those sweet falsettos by Tedder in the chorus! *chef’s kiss*
-Interpretation of lyrics: I feel like this is a song that will connect well with listeners who don’t want to lose the person they admire or love. Circumstances in life might separate you for a certain amount of time, but you’re going to do your best to eliminate that distance. Example: Facetiming, voice chatting, etc.
-I feel like this could be their sleeper hit song.



-Nice guitar chords to start the song! 🎸
-This song screams optimism! Definitely my new jam, right here!!
-We’re all human at the end of the day, you’re going to have rough days, but you’re also going to have shining moments too! I feel like this is the sibling to “Better Days” thematically speaking.
-There’s also a message of being humble with the simple things. Immediate family members and extended loved ones will always be a prized possession to have in life!
-Love their music video seen above and their first TV performance on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, seen here.
-I predict this will be their next radio hit! I also predict it will slowly rise up the Billboard charts just like fine wine.

“Didn’t I”


-To see my initial first thoughts about this track, go here.

-As of August 2021, the music video has reached the 24.5M views mark.

-I still think this single is underrated. More people need to hear this song!

“Rescue Me”


-You can read my first reactions post to this song, here.

-As of August 2021, the music video has accrued a whopping 121.5M views on YouTube. On Spotify, it has garnered 441M streams and counting.

-You can relive their Tonight Show performance from 2019, right here.

-Here’s the link to the acoustic version, the BUNT. remix & performance video version of the music video. Fun!



-Leading up to today’s release, the band teased this 15 second promotional video for this track.

-Interpretation: This song is for those feeling down or have hit rock bottom (financially, emotionally, physically, career wise, etc.). You need someone to save you, to help you, to guide you out of the darkness or to point you in the correct direction in life. If you’re feeling this way, I hope you have someone or something to help you. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

-A good pick me up song you need to play that’s as infectious as a gospel church choir.

“Take Care Of You”


-Here’s the teaser video the band posted to their YouTube page a few days ago!

-Interpretation: Ok, two things: Self care is essential in life! Mutual care between you and a significant other is also important too! You take care of your lover and in return they care for you too. That’s the foundation for a healthy relationship.

-Instrumentally speaking, I love the arrangement of the track! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

“Forgot About You”


-The band shared this hype preview clip for the song, here just a few days ago!

-Interpretation: You forgot the person you once dated because they left such a bad impression on you or they weren’t truly on your side when you wholeheartedly were on their side at one point of the relationship. The once loving feelings were not reciprocal but rather one-sided. It’s a shame, but hey, that’s life. So now, whenever you hear or talk about your ex, you simply don’t care anymore. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

“Somebody To Love”


-This Red Rocks performance still gives me the chills! The instrumentation is supreme! Watch it on loop!

-It’s a shame this song didn’t blow up on mainstream radio after it debuted on NBC’s Songland! Also a shame they didn’t renew it for a third season.

-Interpretation: This song is for those feeling the pain after a break up. πŸ’” The person you use to call your lover has moved on already and totally doesn’t even bat at an eye when your name or your presence comes up. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

-Check out this cool read about the artist (JT Roach) who originated the song!



-You can read up on my first thoughts, here.

-The music video has racked up 65M views thus far!

-Another underrated OneRepublic track in my opinion. It was certified Gold in Australia. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart!

“Take It Out On Me”


-Watch the teaser clip, here.

-Interpretation: Everyone has bad days. If somebody you love is having one right now, it’s best to just listen and hear all their troubles. Let them lay it all out on you. On the flip side, you hope they would do the same when you experience a crappy day too.

-Heartfelt vocal performance/effort by Tedder in this ballad!! 😊

“Better Days”


-This was the band’s quarantine song! It garnered 4.1M views so far! That number should be higher in my opinion!

-Anyways, you can read my initial thoughts about the song, here.

-They also released various versions of the song! Negramaro collab (Italian: Giorni Migliori) and the KHEA collab! (Spanish: Mejores DΓ­as)

-Love that worldwide appeal of this track!

“Wild Life” (Bonus Track)


-I wrote about my first thoughts about the track last fall, click here to read!

-The official video has amassed 7M views. There’s also a film version of the song, here.

-See the behind the scenes footage, here.

-Watch and re-live their performances on Today Show & Jimmy Kimmel Live.

-I’m happy they included this single onto the Target exclusive album. πŸ‘πŸ‘

“Ships + Tides” (Bonus Track)


-This song will give you chills! It’s very soul crushing to hear. πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

-For those feeling down with a lack of direction or purpose in life and you wonder what’s next? Hopefully you go to somebody you love and pour your heart and soul to them and express how you feel. You’re not alone!! There’s always somebody to hear you out whenever you’re stuck in a rut. Stay strong!

-Melodically and instrumentally this is such a gem of a song! So beautifully written and produced!

“Run” (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

-I will post my thoughts on this one at a later date after I get the physical copy in the mail.

-No YouTube link for this version has been posted as of 8/27/21. So stay tuned!

“Someday” (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)


-The acoustic version of “Someday” makes for a more intimate experience. I would love to hear this get played live in concert one day!

-I love both versions of the song equally! How about you?

“Lose Somebody” (Bonus Track)


-It’s great to see they’ve tacked on this smash hit collab with Kygo onto the album!
-The music video has a lot of green screen shenanigans that you’ll love! Definitely check it out if you haven’t done so already.

-The song has been streamed 330M+ times on Spotify! It currently ranks as the #3 most popular song by the band.

-It’s certified Gold by the RIAA!

-See my first thoughts/coverage of the song, here.

Thanks for reading and indulging with this week’s New Music Friday post dedicated entirely to OneRepublic’s fifth studio album, Human — out now! What’s your favorite track and why?

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