Jon Batiste & Tori Kelly: “SING” (First Reactions)

Happy Friday everyone! Grammy-winning artist, Jon Batiste has enlisted fellow Grammy Award winning musician, Tori Kelly for an incredible collaborative effort with his song, “SING.” Check it out today!

Released via Verve Records | Duration: 3:11

“SING” by Jon Batiste & Tori Kelly


Here below are my first reactions to the track:

-Batiste’s soothing vocals at the top of the song sets the tone. It starts a bit slow but gradually picks up in tempo.

-What better way to release your tension, sadness, stress, excessive worrying, etc. after a long work week or school week than to just let it out and sing!

-I love this duet, it’ll definitely perk you up, make you feel good, and overall compel you to add this song to your playlist(s) this week. It has a lot of heart and soul to it!

-My favorite part would be the chorus with those infectious “ooh-ooh-oohs.” My favorite instrumentation part would be the trumpets in the closing chorus. How about you?

-By the end of the track, you feel like you’re in an actual marching band/parade! 🎉


-Check out Batiste’s IG post praising Kelly for her vocals:

-This song will be a part of Batiste’s upcoming deluxe edition release of his eighth studio album, We Are. It will drop on all music platforms on October 15th!

-Additional collaborations set for the extended edition include songs with BJ The Chicago Kid, Abi Bernadoth, Big Chief Romeo & Big Freedia!

-This isn’t the first time the two have performed together. Check out these past impromptu performances of the two: “Amazing Grace” and “Language.”

-You can check out Kelly’s latest EP, Solitude out now and her upcoming animated movie, Sing 2 (out on December 22nd) where she reprises her role as Meena the Elephant!

Thanks for reading this edition of First Reactions featuring Jon Batiste’s latest collaborative single with Tori Kelly!

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