Oh Wonder: “Rollercoaster Baby” (First Reactions)

Happy Friday, October 8th folks!! This week’s first reactions post will be about Oh Wonder’s new song called, “Rollercoaster Baby.” This song is a part of their latest album, 22 Break which is out now.

Released by Universal Music/Island Records; Duration: 3:28

“Rollercoaster Baby” by Oh Wonder

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Oh-wonder-rollercoaster-baby-lyrics

English alternative pop duo, Oh Wonder consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, have finally released their quarantine produced fourth studio album. They’ve definitely tapped deeper into their own inner personal lives this time around during lockdown rather than writing songs from another person’s perspective.

This track talks about being on the cusp of a separation of a relationship and questioning what the next steps will be.

With verses like:

‘Cause the look on your face says you’re gonna replace all the moments we had
Oh my God, oh, I just can’t face it
Life without you


There’s a hole in my heart and its got your name on it

… you can’t help but feel the pain the couple experienced during this low point in life.

So if you’re feeling your relationship is heading off the proverbial cliff, then this song will speak volumes with you. You simply just can’t fathom a future without them and you’re in an almost state of shock at this point that things could very well end.

Hopefully, things do work out in the long run through effective communication on both sides as well as a lot of patience and forgiveness. But if not, god forbid, hopefully the next best step is you two can still remain friends moving forward. *crosses fingers*

Thankfully, the couple are still together as we speak despite a small blip last year. It is rather unique and “awkward” as they said in a tweet that this album is “maybe the first break-up album in history written and recorded with the person you’re breaking up with.” They endured those challenging moments and shared their vulnerabilities through art and miraculously saved themselves from separating completely. Whew!

From a sonic standpoint, I really love both of their vocal performances. It’s quite refreshing to hear a song about a heavy subject matter like this be sung not in an angry or petty tone or in an aggressive manner like other artists would’ve done for a heartbreak anthem. This is more of a tender heartfelt duet if I do say so myself. It has a mid to up tempo feel to it that listeners will be delighted to listen to.

From a visual standpoint, I enjoyed the beach theme of them initially separated and the heart beating element which adds to the illustrated confusion/anxiety period of a temporary breakup. They’re then depicted in this state of conflicted emotions which ultimately leads them running back towards each other reunited with a shared rope around a heart. Beautiful story told in this music video!

With all of that being said, definitely go check out the other ten songs off Oh Wonder’s latest album today plus tune in to their complimentary short black-and-white film which premiered earlier today! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading this edition of First Reactions featuring one of Oh Wonder’s latest tracks off their new album 22 Break!

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