Coldplay: Music Of The Spheres Vol. 1 (First Reactions)

Check out my first reactions for the new Coldplay album, Music Of The Spheres.


Released: October 15, 2021 via Parlophone Records

Total # of songs: 12

Duration: 42 minutes

“🪐 Music Of The Spheres”


-This is such a wonderful intro song! It feels like we’re being launched into space. Get ready for a intergalactic journey! This first visualizer is stunning to watch!

“Higher Power”


-You can see my original first thoughts about “Higher Power” right here.

-I love how they’ve included the first track into the music video. It’s a realization that I didn’t find out until I heard through the full album the first time.



-Love the uptempo beat. “Higher Power” transitions seamlessly into this track. This has that arena stadium feel!

-This song sounds like it’s being heard by an “alien” from another planet. It makes you think the concept of human beings. Sure on Earth, we call each other humans, but what about on another planet far away from us?!?

-Another mesmerizing visualizer to watch!

“✨ Alien Choir”


-Soothing instrumentals. This would make good meditation session music. You can’t help but be entranced by this respective visualizer! Agree?

“Let Somebody Go” w/ Selena Gomez


-Feel free to see my original first thoughts here.

“❤️ Human Heart” w/ Jacob Collier & We Are King


-From my POV, this track is about hiding one’s true feelings because our egos tell us to not show weakness. But even when we do break and actually reveal our true feelings, it’s still a sign we’re all just humans at the end of the day. We need to remind ourselves that we have a lot more in common than what the media or your own preconceived notions think.

-Sonically speaking, this is such a soothing track to listen to after a long day’s work! I thought the stacked vocals was a smart move for the song’s flow. This collaboration may very well get recognized by the Grammys next year!

-Thanks to this song, I will be checking out more of Jacob Collier and We Are KING’s body of work respectively! How about you?

-The Strother sisters have so much talent!

-ICYMI: The respective three artists sang this live as part of last month’s Global Citizen Live 24 hour concert event. Watch their performance, right here.

“People Of The Pride”


-This track packs a punch right at the start of the track. Felt like a Muse song with all the dramatic effects/instrumentation.

-This was the track that previewed on “Epiphane” at the NYC Amazon Music sponsored immersive event at Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall on October 15th/16th.

-Love the production of this track. Will sound amazing in concert when they perform this in front of thousands!



-This sounds so fresh and new for the band. Love the cute distorted vocals. Do you guys think it’s Chris singing those parts?!?

-This will make for a nice dedication song in a relationship. Such a pleasing tune!

-Interesting spelling of the word “beautiful.” My guess is Chris wanted to spell it that way from an “alien” professing their love for their lover on another planet.

“Music Of The Spheres II”


-Cool interlude with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, Spheres of the Music Welcome to Everyone is an alien somewhere, remember” sung backwards.

-Cue the cheers and applause!😊 👏

“My Universe” w/ BTS


-You may see my original first thoughts about this song, here.

-Check out their performance on The Graham Norton Show, here. BTS appears via hologram for this segment!

-Plus see their various versions:
SUPERNOVA 7 MIX (this one has more Autotune w/ Daft Punk vibes), Acoustic Version & Instrumental Version.

“♾ Infinity Sign”


-You recall those ole’ chants sung at sporting events and music events? Well, here’s Coldplay’s version! This will be a crowd pleaser when they play this one live!

-Picture fans jumping up and down with smiles on their faces!!

-This would also make for a good marching band song choice!

-“Spiritus sanc” translates to Holy Spirit. “Ritus sanc” translates to Holy rite. “Sanc- sanctum” to “Holy holy.”



And of course the closing track, see my thoughts about that one, right here. What an amazing 9th album by one of my all-time favorite bands, Coldplay! There’s simply no skips on this album. Play it again and again!!

Feel free to share your thoughts about the new record down below in the comments box. What do you hope to see as the next radio single and why?

Thanks for reading my first reactions blog post on Coldplay’s new album!

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