Tiësto & Ava Max: “The Motto” (First Reactions)

If you’re down to party with all your friends and family, then this new track from Dutch DJ Tiësto and pop star Ava Max should definitely be a part of your shindig playlists! It would be suitable for events like weddings, proms, yacht parties, club get-togethers, road trips, and much more!

Released via Atlantic Records 11.04.21
Lyrics: https://genius.com/Tiesto-and-ava-max-the-motto-lyrics

Music Video Time Code Reactions:

0:07 Miss Ava is leaving a well-spent party with an adult beverage to go! 😏

0:09 Insert Coinbase product placement. This is the first music video that I saw a crypto company get shown. 💰

0:17 Oh no, she spilled her drink! Things are taking a dark turn fast.

0:28 Ahhh, imagine seeing the floors advance that fast on an elevator. Would be quite scary to experience and dizzying too. 😵

0:45 Miss Ava just crashed that party without any care like a boss!! 😎😎

1:06 Haha, look at the other people’s puzzled faces. They’re like who’s this lady and why is she here!?! The bellhop guy’s reaction is priceless!

1:51 Someone’s going to have an adventure. Cue the lobby shenanigans. I like the blurred aesthetics to illustrate that drunk feeling/escapade.

2:13 This some The Great Gatsby nod?!? 🥂

2:22 I wonder if that’s real champagne that got knocked off the table. 😮

2:45 At this point everyone has accepted party crasher Ava into their party! Cue the dance sequence! 🎉

3:13 GROUP PHOTO! 🤗🤗🤗

3:23 Wow what an interesting ending. So all of that was a dream. 👀


-Great vocals by Ava Max on top of the addicting beats by Tiësto. This collaboration is a home run in my books.

-I expect this song to be performed at future music festivals later this year, in 2022 and beyond!

-I would love for them to collaborate again in the future. How about you?

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