Taylor Swift: Red (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) Songs First Reactions

Happy re-release day of Red by none other than global pop superstar, Taylor Swift!! It’s her second of six albums to get a re-recording treatment in her quest to own all of her masters!

This post will highlight all of the “from the vault” songs alongside my corresponding moods and thoughts. Enjoy! 😊

Released 11.12.21 via Republic Records


“Better Man” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-better-man-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

😞 If you’ve ever felt disappointed by an ex, then this song is for you! You wished him/her/them had a better relationship dynamic with you.

πŸ‘‹ It’s a shame you had to break up but now as time marches forward, you still have some lingering feelings for your ex.

πŸ˜„ Did You Know? Taylor originally wrote this song for Little Big Town back in 2016. You can hear their Grammy-winning version here. I love both versions!

“Nothing New” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift feat. Phoebe Bridgers

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-nothing-new-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

βŒ› This song talks about the critics and naysayers who are hypocritical in their stances of supporting your hopes and dreams. Society can be so cruel at times. You feel discouraged and time passes on in your life leaving you very conflicted.

❓ Will you still be relevant later on in life? Are you going to be worthy to someone in the future or are they just appreciating your younger self? Lots to think about here.

🍷 This is such an emotionally heavy song — one in which many adult listeners will be contemplating while sipping on an alcoholic beverage late at night. Kudos to Bridgers for providing featured vocals on this track. They meshed well in that second half when the two duetted.

“Babe” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-babe-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

πŸ₯€ This is a lighthearted track that points the finger at an ex who broke all the promises that were made including the “No One Else” promise. Oof, to all those with cheating exes out there!

🀷 It’s like “oh well” now. You blew your chance to stay together. There’s no chance now you get to remain a couple. No more calling them “babe.”

😎 Did You Know? Train’s lead singer, Pat Monahan co-wrote the track! This track was originally written for Sugarland with Taylor as their featured artist. Hear their version, here. Again, both versions are great! Can’t complain!

“Message In A Bottle” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-message-in-a-bottle-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

πŸ’Œ This song is for those in a long-distance relationship with someone. You hope the messages you send to him/her/them are reciprocated. You feel like the relationship can work out in the long run.

❀️ the uptempo production of this track. How about you? I predict this track will get used in future TV/film teen dramas or dramedies.

“I Bet You Think About Me” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift feat. Chris Stapleton

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-i-bet-you-think-about-me-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

πŸ’” Another solidly written heartbreak anthem! You have a good hunch your ex still thinks about you despite breaking up with you. You hope they feel the pain just as hard as you.

☹️ Sometimes things aren’t meant to be. The differences you have between you and your ex can far exceed any shared similarities, so much so that compatibility is simply out the door! Oh well! Example: Dating someone upper-class and snobbish while you yourself are more grounded in your humble state of living.

🀠 Adding Stapleton to the track gave it a country flair. Love the soulful harmonica playing.

“Forever Winter” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-forever-winter-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

🎺 Trumpets galore! Love the intro part of the song!

😭πŸ₯Ί Aww, this is an interesting perspective for a song — the emotional guy who’s reeling from personal demons/struggles (e.g. drinking problem OR a family member’s sharp disapproval of the relationship) thus creating the idea for potential impending heartbreak. You notice his change in behavior and attitude and want to reach out to check up on him to see how’s he’s doing, making sure he doesn’t feel so depressed. If he suddenly leaves the relationship, then you’re left out in the cold. But if he stays with you, it will be like the summer sun forever. A lot of emotions will pour out if the former were to materialize. Tough all around not going to lie. Give a big hug to those struggling in their relationships.

πŸ—£οΈ Shoutout to Foster The People’s Mark Foster for co-writing this track!!

“Run” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-run-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

πŸ’‘ This song caters to those with a wholesome sweetheart. For the couples who just want to get away from all the noise and hoopla.

πŸ₯° This second collaboration with Ed on this album/duet is so sweet and so soothing. Makes it feel like you’re being embraced. Perfect for those long road trips, rainy day contemplation sessions, moody bedroom listening sessions, and cozy sitting by the fireplace sessions.

πŸƒ Who here wants to escape the status quo and run?!?

“The Very First Night” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-the-very-first-night-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

🐦 You wish you could fly back in time to that first night you met your now ex-lover. Such good times were spent that day (or night). No one can tell you the exact feeling of that night because it’s exclusively between the two of you only.

πŸ’­ This is another one of those deep in thought songs that acts as a dance jam session at the same time. It’s a shame your broke up with your ex and are now on separate paths. But at least you can still reminisce those good moments you two shared with each other.

“All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Taylor-swift-all-too-well-10-minute-version-taylors-version-from-the-vault-lyrics

πŸ₯Ά The track that’s everyone talking about is finally here! The whopping ten minute version of her hit, “All Too Well” will give you chills and goosebumps and take you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions!

πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ to the second and fourth verses! Heavy hitting lyrics!

➑️ Here’s the clean version if you’re interested.

🀞 I hope she gets to sing it live tomorrow night on NBC’s Saturday Night Live! It would be epic!

Well, there you have it! I thought Taylor Swift delivered yet another solid record for us Swifties to listen to. Which of these new tracks is your favorite and why? Comment below!

Be sure to tune in TONIGHT @ 7 PM EST to the 10-minute short film for”All Too Well” starring actress Sadie Sink and actor Dylan O’Brien as well as herself. 🍿🍿

Also, be sure to check out Swift as the musical guest (and maybe some sketch cameos) on this week’s episode of SNL.

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