Tame Impala: “No Choice” (First Reactions)

Kevin Parker better known by his stage name, Tame Impala has just released another B-Side track from his latest album, The Slow Rush (2020). It’s called “No Choice” and it joins the previously released “Breathe Deeper” (Lil Yachty Remix) on the upcoming deluxe edition dropping next February.

Check out what I thought about the song below in this mood edition of my first reactions series.

Released 12.07.21 via Modular Recordings Pty Ltd

“No Choice” by Tame Impala

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Tame-impala-no-choice-lyrics

0:05 😎 Cool-sounding beat thus far! I love the bongo drums!

0:30 🤗 😢 Mixed emotions after hearing the first chorus. Sonically, I love all of the psychedelic vibes. But lyrically it’s sad hearing him sing, “going over and over brings no joy.”

0:52 🎸 What an impressive guitar solo! Best to hear it with your eyes closed and with headphones or earbuds on in my opinion.

1:14 💔 It’s crushing to hear the lines:
And if you’re telling me that I’ve got so much to lose
All the talking about it, it’s all noise

Please reach out to those feeling hopeless in life. They truly need the love and attention right now. You never know, you might even save someone’s life from spiraling out of control.

1:37 ☹️ Amazing hook! Again, the lyrics are soul-crushing. Remember to seek help if you need it. Don’t let yourself get down on the little things in life.

2:18 💗 Seamless transition from the bridge to the chorus again. Love it!

3:02 Guitar solo #2 🤘🤘🤘🤘

3:40 🎹 ☔ Wow! Simply amazing how the song ends with the piano and the sound of rain falling in the background! I hope this song brings a slice of joy to your life and lifts your mood up.

Thanks for reading my first reactions blog post on Tame Impala’s new song! Comment below with your thoughts and feelings. Will you be buying the deluxe edition of The Slow Rush?

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