Avril Lavigne: “Bite Me” (Acoustic) First Reactions

Today, 8x Grammy-nominated Canadian rocker, Avril Lavigne dropped the acoustic version of her latest single, “Bite Me.” Here below are some of my first reactions and additional notes about the track. Enjoy!

Released 12.17.21 via DTA Records

“Bite Me” (Acoustic Version)

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Avril-lavigne-bite-me-acoustic-lyrics

-I really love the acoustic version of her latest single, “Bite Me.” It’s as if we’re sitting up close at an intimate club or in a forest by the campfire watching her perform in front of us.

-The tempo is slower than the original. You can compare it here. I love both equally by the way! Definitely going to be repeating them both on my playlist rotations! How about you?

-The song is empowering for those who broke up with their ex. It gives them permission to stand up for themselves and to get their message across. Results may vary of course!

-If your ex plays this song, hopefully, they see the damage they’ve done towards you. But if they don’t show any remorse, well too bad, they can hear you say “bite me” as Avril confidently repeats all throughout the track’s chorus sections. 😎

-The acoustic version’s music video continues the story line from the original music video which was directed by renowned music director, Hannah Lux Davis. This one is directed by her current boyfriend, Mod Sun.

-In this video, Avril exacts even more revenge! At 1:30, it’s quite an eye opener! 👀 Haha!

-It’s expected this acoustic version will appear on her upcoming album next year. It will be her 7th full-length album and the first with DTA Records.

Did You Know? Fellow hit rocker/Blink-182 member, Travis Barker owns DTA. I think it’s a match made in heaven. I predict Lavigne will have a resurgence in mainstream visibility/ radio airplay in 2022. Can’t wait to hear more!

What The Artist Said:

Set Your Reminders! Lavigne and Barker will be performing this song on this year’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2022 special on ABC 12.31.21! They will be a part of the West Coast celebrations!

Thanks for reading my first reactions blog post on Avril Lavigne’s acoustic version of “Bite Me.” Comment below with your thoughts and feelings. Will you be seeing her on tour next year?

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