New Music Friday: December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas to those celebrating this weekend! Here are five picks you should check out this week. They’re from Grammy-winning artist, Jacob Collier, hit pop-rock group WALK THE MOON, country superstar Brett Eldredge, electronic musicians Lights and Elohim, and last but not least Grammy-winning songstress Joss Stone.

New Music Friday 12.24.21

“Fix You” by Jacob Collier


What better way to heal and unite than this Coldplay cover by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Jacob Collier! He recorded it for There With Care, which is an organization that focuses on the needs of children and their families during critical moments of a medical crisis.

The 27-year-old musician is no stranger to Coldplay’s work. He was a featured artist on their latest album, Music Of The Spheres, Vol. 1 on the track, “Human Heart.” You can see my coverage of that song, here.

In his rendition of “Fix You,” the tempo is subdued moreso than the original version, and the arrangement is stripped down to just a piano and his amazing vocals. I loved his falsettos, and his amazing piano playing skills! The melody was beautiful to hear in the video seen above!

“Win Anyway” by WALK THE MOON


The latest tune from pop band, WALK THE MOON is quite an uplifting anthem! “Win Anyway” is for anyone who wants to defy the odds and prove the naysayers wrong! Don’t listen to all of the critics! If there’s something you want to pursue either personally or professionally, commit to it and you will achieve all your goals and dreams in life!

The chorus is quite catchy that you will be humming it a lot after hearing the song for the first time! I hope an official music video gets released and this becomes their next mainstream hit song on the radio and beyond!

You can hear this song in the new animated movie, Rumble streaming now on Paramount+.

“Holy Water” by Brett Eldredge


Country artist, Brett Eldredge’s newest piano ballad, “Holy Water” is dedicated to those who suffered in the past but eventually found their savior in life or their one true love. It’s quite an emotional and comforting track to hear. If you’ve found your better half in life that you can deeply and emotionally connect with, then congratulations! Feel free to cherish every minute with them. There’s no shame in that whatsoever!

It’s amazing to have friends in general that melts all your troubles away too. So if you haven’t yet found your significant other, no worries, this song can still apply to a very good friendship or multiple friendships if you will. The shared bonds of a friendship go hand in hand in life. Don’t take them for granted!

The 35-year-old artist shared on Twitter that this song was a Christmas gift to his fans and adding it’s the first new song off his upcoming untitled album.

“Real Thing” by Lights feat. Elohim


This collaborative effort is such a vibe! If you want to see Canadian electronic artist Lights have a blast with fellow musician/bestie Elohim, then you’re in for a treat!

This blue-hued music video was such a joy to watch unfold! I love how Lights is wearing a wedding veil while skateboarding in the middle of nowhere with Elohim in tow riding a bike. Such carefree energy and happiness! I also loved the glowstick umbrellas too!

May you always seek and acquire genuine friendships, genuine love and genuine passion in life! #mood 💙💙

This track along with the previously released “Prodigal Daughter” is expected to appear on Lights’ upcoming new album, The Clinic.

“Breaking Each Other’s Hearts” by Joss Stone


British singer-songwriter, Joss Stone hits it out of the park in this big orchestral song! Love the arrangement and impressive vocal effort by Stone! She really captured the pains and sorrow of a broken relationship into each verse. This song reminds me a little about Adele’s musicality with her movie soundtrack song, “Skyfall.” The tender moments in Stone’s performance also reminds me of classic 60s music. Sooooo good!

Lyrically, this song is for all of those listeners out there who deeply relate to being in a flawed relationship. If you’re stuck in a marriage, relationship or friendship that’s suddenly disappointing or seemingly heading in the wrong direction, then you will will experience a roller coaster of emotions when hearing through this record.

Thanks for reading my thoughts in this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you enjoyed these picks as much as I did! Comment below your thoughts, give a like, and follow me to get notified when the next post is up!

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Stay safe, happy holidays and happy listening! ❄️☃️


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