New Music Friday: March 11, 2022 | Imagine Dragons, Maren Morris, Michael Bublé, Ben Rector ft. Snoop Dogg & Milky Chance

Happy March 11, 2022! It’s Friday once more which means I have another set of music recommendations for you to check out this weekend! Scroll on down to see the full coverage!

New Music Friday 03.11.22

“Bones” by Imagine Dragons


🗣️ Not sure if this is going to be part of Act 2 for Mercury or if this is just a standalone single but I love the surprise release! Great flow at the beginning of the song! Feel free to see my initial reactions to Act 1, here.

⌛ “My patient is waning.” That line will resonate with a lot of people these days who are frustrated by things in life like politics and the decisions our leaders are taking in our respective countries.

🔮 🦴 The chorus is such an earworm. “I-I-I, got this feeling, yeah, you know. Where I’m losing all control. ‘Cause, there’s magic in my bones.”

“Nervous” by Maren Morris


😰 Feeling anxious, nervous, or a case of the imposter syndrome, then this song will speak to you!

🔋 Love Maren’s vocals on this track. Very strong and confident despite the lyrics talking about being out of one’s comfort zone. Her country stardom is only going to get higher and higher as we get closer to her new album’s release. It’s going to be a bright year for her! Meantime, relive and rewatch her ACM Awards performance for “Circles Around This Town,” right here and my blog coverage, here.

“Higher” by Michael Bublé


✍️ Bublé’s song was co-written by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder so you know this track already has that magic touch to it!! Did You Know? It’s been three years since the last Bublé album. Can’t wait to hear more amazing tracks real soon!

🎹 I love the heavy-sounding piano keys and the dramatic/passionate feel to the song!

🌹 Would make for a great serenading dance sequence! Profess your love to your lover with this song!!

“Sunday” by Ben Rector feat. Snoop Dogg


😊 Such a euphoric, feel-good song by singer-songwriter, Ben Rector and rapper Snoop Dogg! This is a cool collaboration that I didn’t really expect. The song talks about having the time of your life with your significant other. No better way to spend your life than with your lover! Sundays while being on the cusp of a new work (or school) week doesn’t feel bad or wrong to you because you have your love by your side.

🙌🏽 Wholesome third verse by Snoop! #fresh #dodoubleg

“Synchronize” by Milky Chance


✔️ For when everything is in sync in life, then this song will resonate with you! No matter what goes on in the world, you have your family, friends, and or significant other with you. That’s what really matters at the end of the day.

☮️ The start of the song has a very Woodstock Festival feel to it. Very 60s in style but then evolves into this groovy alternative track! Love it! #peaceandlove

🕺🏽💃 Amazing variety of dancers in the official music video. They’re such happy free spirits! Props to all of them!

😀 It was amusing to watch the guys join in on the dancing! #notacareintheworld #liveandletgo

Thanks for reading my thoughts in this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you enjoyed these picks as much as I did! Comment below with your thoughts, give a like, and follow me to get notified when the next post goes live!

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Stay safe, and happy listening!


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