Conan Gray: “Yours” (First Reactions)

Happy Friday! 23-year-old singer-songwriter Conan Gray teased another brand new song from his forthcoming sophomore album, Superache this week! Here below are my first reactions to his single, “Yours.” It follows his captivating emotive track, “Memories” last month.

New Music Friday 05.20.22 | Released via Republic Records

“Yours” by Conan Gray


0:03 🎹 I can tell this will be a sad song judging by the start of this piano melody.

0:16 💮 The camera zooms out and refocuses on Conan in a field of flowers. Very nice garden by the way!

0:30 💔 Oof, it sounds like Gray is talking about someone he loves but that love isn’t returned to him. Who here can relate to that?

0:35 😔 Even though you don’t get that love back, you still love them and want to keep trying. At the end of the day, it’s still not enough apparently.

1:00 📸 As the camera pans out even further, this botanic field looks ever more breathtaking! I wonder where this was shot. Shout out to the hard-working producers and assistants on set!

1:05 🗣️ 😭 You can really feel the pain and despair in Gray’s vocals in the chorus.

1:40 🎵 It’s safe to say that this song will pair well with any of Adele’s extensive melancholic catalog. Feel free to make playlists with both of their songs!

2:36 🏃 It must’ve felt really cathartic to run in that vast floral landscape!

2:50 😯 Ooh! Suddenly it’s nighttime. Interesting pivot as we enter the bridge section of the song!

3:10-3:20 🥀 Very artsy ending with him laying on the ground reaching out with one hand towards the rose petal outlined figure blowing away by the wind. I thought it was a sharp cut-off at that last second. Makes me wonder if the next music video will continue this storyline/theme. What are your thoughts?

Final Thoughts:

I thought this was a lovely track from the Lemon Grove, CA native. It’s refreshing to hear male artists express such sorrow in life in beautiful verses.

Shoutout to Grammy-nominated producer/composer/lyricist, Dan Nigro for working on another banger! Nigro, for those who don’t know, was the co-mastermind genius who created Sour with Gray’s 3x Grammy-winning bestie, Olivia Rodrigo!

Looking forward to hearing the rest of Superache which officially drops on June 24th!

See the official tracklist:

Thanks for reading this week’s post! What did you think about Mr. Gray’s “Yours?” Will you be getting yourself a copy of Superache when it releases? Comment below with your responses! 😊

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Stay safe, and happy listening! 👍👍


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