New Music Friday: July 1, 2022 | Lauv, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers and Bob Moses, Little Big Town & Francisco Martin

Unwind from another busy week with these new tunes coming to you courtesy of pop musician Lauv, Grammy-winning rock group Imagine Dragons, chart-topping electronic pop duos The Chainsmokers and Bob Moses, award-winning country band Little Big Town, and rising recording artist Francisco Martin.

New Music Friday July 1, 2022
New Music Friday 07.01.22

“Kids Are Born Stars” by Lauv


🌟 – Growing up, all kids should feel like the world has infinite possibilities. Hearing a song like this one by singer-songwriter, Lauv will put a smile on your face. Any age can relate to the moments of self-love, confidence, and passion for a bright and prosperous future. It’s not always going to be on the upside or on the right intended path. But the path you do end up taking can still be special!

🎼 – This is the latest single he has released as part of his forthcoming sophomore album, All 4 Nothing which drops on August 5th! It follows the single of the same name (“All 4 Nothing”) released earlier in April.

πŸ—£οΈ – Shoutout to AIM! Who remembers using AOL’s iconic messenger service!?!

πŸ€— – I thought the storyline in the music video was cute. What did you think? Comment below!

“I Don’t Like Myself” by Imagine Dragons


πŸ˜” – This song by the pop-rock hitmaking group, Imagine Dragons will speak volumes for those feeling depressed or just simply down on luck.

πŸ™πŸΌ – Hopefully this track brings some brightness to your darkness and you can turn your sorrows into hope and happiness once more. You can always count on Imagine Dragons for writing and producing emotional songs that are also catchy!

πŸ’Ώ – If you put on your earbuds or headphones, you can hear some cool scratching sounds near the end of the track.

🌑️ – Check out the band’s IG post about Mercury Act 2! Mercury Tour tix info, click here!

“Why Can’t You Wait” by The Chainsmokers & Bob Moses


βœ‹ – If your relationship needs repair and patience is the #1 request, then this So Far So Good deep cut by The Chainsmokers should be on your playlists this week! S/O to Bob Moses for hopping on this track!

🎢 – I like this softer subdued sound. It matches the song’s theme in my opinion. Thoughts?

🀷 – If the person you’re dating doesn’t want to practice patience and understanding, then oh well! I guess it’s time to move on! Hopefully, no hard feelings are experienced if this happens.

πŸ“– – Further reads: “I Love U” “High”

“All Summer” by Little Big Town


🌻 – This latest single from the hit country group, Little Big Town is very enjoyable to listen to! It’s got that summertime hangout, beachside, or poolside vibe to it!

😍 – This song is great for those who’ve found love at first sight or for those who have found an instant connection through a shared interest.

πŸ›Ή – You may very well have the urge to go skateboarding (or take skating lessons) after watching their lyric video.

β˜€οΈ – I expect this track will be a new fan favorite when they perform it on tour this summer!

“hate you to love myself” by Francisco Martin


😎 – I enjoyed this upbeat pop-rock vibe that American Idol alum, Francisco Martin has created here! I’m looking forward to hearing more on his new EP, Manic real soon on July 22nd! How about you? Comment below!

⏱️ – Sometimes it takes time and patience with oneself in order to get over the mistakes and wrongdoings you’ve done in the past. For example: Causing heartbreak and pain for your ex. Channeling that heartbreak into passive-aggressiveness onto others regrettably and having a bad self-esteem mindset overall. Eventually, you will learn your lesson(s) and start loving yourself more and that love will in turn be shared with others again.

🀘 – The drum track in the chorus gave such a head-shaking up and down moment! Love it!

🎸- Would be cool to hear the full acoustic version one day! But for now, this “YouTube Shorts” will do!

7/1/22 11pm UPDATE: An acoustic performance video was posted!!

Well, there you have it…

I hope you enjoyed reading and listening to my picks of the week for New Music Friday – July 1, 2022!

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Stay safe, and happy listening! πŸ˜Š


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