5 Seconds Of Summer: “Carousel” (First Reactions)

While it may be officially autumn now, there’s still heat out there in the form of 5 Seconds of Summer’s stardom! Today, their highly anticipated fifth studio album, 5SOS5 dropped to much fanfare!!!

For this week’s post, I wanted to spotlight their new song called “Carousel.”

From my POV, it’s a song about the hustle and bustle of their musical journey since their inception in 2011, and their desire to keep riding the proverbial horse ride on the carousel for many more years to come!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: 5SOS "Carousel" (First Reactions)
Released 09.23.22 via BMG

“CAROUSEL” by 5 Second of Summer

Lyrics: https://genius.com/5-seconds-of-summer-carousel-lyrics

0:01 🎹 – I love how the song starts off quick with those keys/synthesizers! It’s got a modern/1980s blended twist to it!

0:14 😔💪 – In life, you will always make mistakes but you keep on going and pick yourself up right after. It’s just human nature! When the dust settles, you have to keep the party rolling as Luke Hemmings sings in the first verse.

0:36 🦪 – While there may be times of doubt, you are capable of being strong in tough situations whether it be personally or professionally. And when there are times of triumphs, look out world! The world can really be your oyster!

1:00 🙌 – The energy of the song picks up at this point as we enter the chorus! Awesome!

1:26 🤔 – Don’t worry folks! There will be times when you don’t have all of the answers figured out right away. Eventually, with patience and confidence, you will find your destination in life. You will get to your point B’s from your point A’s.

1:55 🐅 🎠 – There will be times when you’re facing peer pressure in the spotlight as they use the tiger in the circus analogy in the second verse. For example, the music label controls your public image, and or your overall sound to how they think fits the mainstream ideals.

While the pressure to perform may overwhelm you as an artist (or whatever career industry you’re in), at the end of the day, it shouldn’t define you if you shall fail. Just like a carousel that turns around and around, so does life. You just march forward into your next chapter in life or as they like to illustrate, your next round on the ride. In 5SOS’ case, they moved on from their original label and now are in total control of their music, style, choices, etc for this era!

2:28 👏👏 – Cue an epic instrumental break! Ashton Irwin is such a great drummer and you can feel his enthusiastic energy here!

3:43 ☺️ – I don’t know about you but…the ending sounds a bit like the countdown waiting track for when YouTube premieres a brand new music video.

What The Band Said:

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Thanks for reading this week’s post for New Music Friday – September 23rd, 2022! Til next time, stay safe and happy listening! ☮️💓


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