Kygo: “The Way We Were” (First Reactions)


Happy 11/11! If you were wishing for a new Kygo album to drop this year, then you’re in luck! His fourth studio album, Thrill of the Chase is out now and here below I share my first reactions to the track, “The Way We Were” which features British singer-songwriter, Plested.

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Kygo featuring Plested "The Way We Were" (First Reactions) | New Music Friday Pick of the Week November 11, 2022
New Music Friday 11.11.22

“The Way We Were” by Kygo feat. Plested


0:06 🎹 – What a lovely piano melody to start things off!

0:16 💤 – Many will relate to dreaming about an ex-lover, going back to the good times shared. This can also apply to an ex-friend or an estranged family member.

0:30 🗣️ – Phil Plested’s passionate vocals are expressed notably on this line in my opinion.

Oh, I’m alive through the memories
Yeah, I just can’t let it die

You relish the sweet, bold memories and don’t want to accept that things are in shambles currently.

0:59 🕰️💔 – As time marches on so do the aches of heartbreak. I love how Kygo incorporated the ticking clocks in the chorus.

1:20 😮 – The words “we were” and “just the way we were” in the buildup section of the track is quite palpable. Excellent arrangement!

1:40 💪🕺 💃 – Despite the heartbreaking lyrics, this will still make for a great addition to your workout playlists and dance party playlists. Get pumped and motivated to tackle your exercise regimens today!

1:58 😊 – I like the embellishments of the piano keys here.

2:30 ↗️↘️ – Life can pivot rapidly with every little decision you make, one minute you can be having the time of your life, and then the next you’re left wondering what just happened!

4:06 👂🔊 – Hearing the buildup and post-chorus for the second time around really drives the song to earworm status!

What are your favorite parts about this single by the hit DJ/producer?! Comment below!

What The Artist Said:

Did You Know?

Plested has written tracks for many other well-known artists including The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur, and Why Don’t We just to name a few! Check out his awesome curated playlist of hits here.

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Til next time, stay safe, and happy listening! 🙂


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