New Music Friday: December 23, 2022 | Ava Max, Weezer, Oliver Tree, Tiësto feat. Tate McRae & Joy Anonymous

Happy Friday everyone! We’re now in the home stretch of 2022 and the holiday season has arrived! Here are five new songs you should put on your radar this week!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: New Music Friday Picks for December 23, 2022 | Ava Max, Weezer, Oliver Tree, Tiësto feat. Tate McRae & Joy Anonymous
New Music Friday: 12.23.22

“Dancing’s Done” by Ava Max


💃 – This is my 1st club/dance the night away pick of the week and it’s by rising pop artist, Ava Max!

❓ – This track is a bit of an enigma. You want to proceed in a relationship but the future is still a mystery. Temptations and seduction are both likely ahead for you both. It’s an anthem fit for those feeling some kind of way with each other.

💎 – Check out the official visualizer with Max in her shimmering outfit/aesthetic. It’s all part of her new era, Diamonds & Dancefloors which drops soon on January 27th, 2023!

“Dark Enough To See The Stars” by Weezer


😟 – This latest track from the hit band, Weezer is designed for when you have an existential crisis or just questioning why you exist on this planet. It will also hit home if you experience seasonal depression.

🎸 – It has a folksy vibe as the band ushers in the winter season. Stay warm by your fireplace or campfire if outdoors if you’re listening to this song for enhanced vibes!

💫 – Love the starry visual effects used in the music video seen above! Agreed?

😔 – I also feel this song was made for those feeling lonely this Christmas/holiday season. You might want this on your playlist to help cheer you up.

🙏 – Hopefully, this song eases some of that holiday stress and anxiety.

“Sunshine” by Oliver Tree


😎 – Oliver Tree’s “Sunshine” is my rock song/meme pick of the week. It’s karaoke friendly in my opinion!

🌞 This single is for those losing patience waiting for that special someone to come back or to actually arrive in your life because you’re stuck in a rut with your lame status quo.

☀️ – It can also be a literal longing for that Vitamin D exposure namely for sun tanning lovers out there who live in an area where it rains often.

👍👍 – This is my first time listening to an Oliver Tree song, and I feel like his style of music will have its niche audience of lovers. Music critics may or may not like it, but I do! I will definitely be checking out his previous songs. How about you?

🤘 – Enjoy the lyric video attached above and have fun jamming out to the track!

“10:35” by Tiësto feat Tate McRae [Tiësto’s New Year’s Eve VIP Remix]


🕺 – This is my 2nd club dance pick of the week! Tiësto’s VIP remix is well-produced! Tate’s vocals will likely put you at ease!

🥂 – Get your NYE playlists ready ahead of time by adding this jam today! 2023 will be here before we all know it!

🎉 – Party mode with your significant other! No worries, just have fun! Love that mindset and when times take roller coaster rides it’s okay to step away from that noise and just let loose. Focus your attention on the relationships that matter to you in life!

☺ – If you want to compare this remix to the original version which was released last month, click here.

🗣 – Shoutout to OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder for co-writing this smash hit!

“JOY (God Only Knows”) by Joy Anonymous


👏👏 – A modern take on The Beach Boys’ classic! Love this ode to the original!

😁 – We could all use a slice of serotonin right now, so why not hear this song by Joy Anonymous?!?

🎤 – Love the church choir-style vocal delivery mixed with upbeat house music vibes!

🥰 – Love the tempo changes and the power of motivation this gives you! Start your day off by listening to this track!

Thanks for reading this week’s New Music Friday post! I hope you’ve all enjoyed these picks. Feel free to shout out your faves in the comments section down below.

Happy holidays everyone! Stay safe and happy listening!


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