ILLENIUM feat. Nina Nesbitt: “Luv Me A Little” (First Reactions)

Perennial EDM hitmaker, ILLENIUM returns with a brand new collaboration with rising Scottish musician, Nina Nesbitt! It’s this week’s spotlight music pick of the week here at Philip’s Music Corner for Friday, January 20, 2023! Scroll on down to read all about their joined efforts…

Philip's Music Corner Presents: ILLENIUM featuring Nina Nesbitt: "Luv Me A Little" (First Reactions) | January 20, 2023
Released 01.20.23 via Warner Records

“Luv Me A Little” by ILLENIUM feat. Nina Nesbitt


🥺 – This song hits deep for listeners who are on the brink of a breakup. You are pleading with your relationship to give it another chance. You want them to realize you still love them despite the flaws they might still have. You don’t want them to move on to someone new!

🔥 – Epic drops and solid vocals by the one and only Nina Nesbitt! This collaboration works well from beginning to end! The sharp production values, relatable lyrics, and emotional feels are all combined into a powerful aural force for your ears to listen to!

🗣- Nina’s vocal stylings remind me a little of Halsey. Do you agree?

🙌 – Hope the two artists get the chance to perform this live during tour/festival season later this year! It will sound amazing LIVE and seeing the crowds raise their hands in unison to the beats will be a delight to witness firsthand!

What The Artist Said:

The upcoming fifth studio album by the young talented DJ is set to be released this spring on April 28th and is deemed the prequel to his previously released Trilogy albums (Ashes, Awake and Ascend.)

He added that the new record was meant to be played live with a supporting band and the tour is set to kick off this summer and will extend into the autumn months too!

Are you excited for ILLENIUM’s next new, self-titled album!?! Will you be buying tickets to his new tour? Comment below!

‘Til next time, stay safe, and happy listening! 🎶


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