Nicky Youre: “Shut Me Up” (First Reactions)

This week’s spotlight music pick goes to rising pop artist Nicky Youre and his upbeat new song, “Shut Me Up.”

Here below are my first reactions.

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Nicky Youre "Shut Me Up" (First Reactions)
Released 02.24.23 via Columbia Records


0:04 – 🚶‍♀️🚙 We see a woman leaving the house to return to her car. She looks frustrated or angry about something Youre just done. Where she goes? I don’t know just yet.

0:12 – 📸 The camera zooms into a visibly disappointed Youre.

0:15 – 🛏🤔 Nice plug of his biggest hit, “Sunroof” playing in the background! We see Nicky back in his bedroom deep in thought.

0:18 – ☎ I love the vintage throwback rotary phone and iMac here!

0:27 – 🥁 Now the song begins. Catchy drumline so far!

0:29 – 💡 Step 1, get a hobby! So this must be a tutorial on how to clear your mind when you have conflicted thoughts.

0:47 – 🌱 If watering plants and tending to your garden or greenhouse makes you happy, do so!

0:58 – 🙌 Love the buildup up to this point as we enter the chorus.

1:01 – 😕 You’re hoping the person you’re about to ask just kisses you because you’re in this confusing state of mind – does this person love me? Do I really like this person?

🥰 Love the fact that the “Eyes On You” singer cast his mom in the video for the 2nd step – Get some exercise! She must be proud of Nicky’s career thus far!

1:08 – 👏👏👏 The clapping synchronicity to the beat is on point!

1:28 – 📞🧑 The third step is to call a friend. Great advice! It’s always nice to get a second opinion from someone you trust!

2:02 – 🥳 Step 4 is to simply take your mind off of the situation and just have fun!

2:17 – 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤🎤 This chorus is so catchy that you’re likely going to be singing into your own broomstick, comb, or air microphone.

2:22 – ☎ 🤣 I laughed at the sight of the chucked-out phone.

2:28 – 😮💋💞 The next step is to visit a loved one. Turns out that loved one is the girl who was upset earlier. She grabs him in for a kiss. Aww, what a happy ending to the music video!

Final Thoughts:

He’s proven to me he’s no one-hit wonder! This makes his third song that will likely go viral on social media. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

What did you think of the new song and video? Will you take that first step in asking out your crush thanks to this song’s release? Will you be seeing his first-ever headlining shows this spring? Comment below!

‘Til next time, stay safe, and happy listening!


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