Charlie Puth feat. Dan + Shay: “That’s Not How This Works” (First Reactions)

Pop star Charlie Puth returns with a new song in collaboration with country-pop duo, Dan + Shay! It’s called “That’s Not How This Works,” which follows the successful third studio album, CHARLIE, released last year. Read on to see my first reactions to the new track. Comment yours in the box below.

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Charlie Puth feat. Dan + Shay's "That's Not How This Works.

First Reactions 

March 31,2023
New Music Friday 03.31.23 | Released via Atlantic Records

“That’s Not How This Works” by Charlie Puth feat. Dan + Shay


This track deals with a lover who suddenly disappeared from you, leaving you to believe things are over. Instead, that person shows up pleading for you to stay in the relationship and that they still need you. SERIOUSLY!?!?

It’s giving awkward and confused vibes for sure! Who here can relate?!?

Your relationship at this point is put under a microscope! Does this person truly want to be with you? Are they just using you? Makes you think heavily about the past, present, and future!

As for the music video, we see actress/singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter starring alongside Puth. The vibes they shared on set look genuinely fun! The painting of the wall scene (s/o to Benjamin Moore for the product placement) was cute and funny. I also enjoyed that ending scene when the two were dancing together and serenading each other to Al Green’s timeless hit, “Let’s Stay Together.”

Vocally speaking, you can tell Puth put in that effort in getting the track to sound ideal to his standards! I appreciate him making raw sounds from random objects and blending them into the arrangement. Example: the glass bottle

Did You Know? Earlier versions of this song date back to 2020.

See the extended short film version of the song:

Charlie and Sabrina showed excellent chemistry as actor and actress respectively.

I look forward to them performing the song on stage/on a nationally televised awards show performance! How about you?

Also, get ready to hear the remix feat. Carpenter, next month on April 14th! Raise your hands if you’re excited!

Thanks for reading this week’s first reactions post on Charlie Puth’s latest single featuring the one and only Dan + Shay!

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