Kelly Clarkson: “mine/me” (First Reactions)

Happy NMF for April 14, 2023!! Pop star Kelly Clarkson returns to the music scene with two new tracks out today and the announcement of the album release date! Scroll down to get all the details. Feel free to share how excited you are for her new album in the comments below.

Philip's Music Corner Presents: Kelly Clarkson's "mine/me" (First Reactions) | April 14, 2023
Released 04.14.23 via Atlantic Records

“mine” by Kelly Clarkson


πŸ’” Feeling heartbroken and need a song to help you heal after breaking up with what seemed to be your life partner? Then this song will need to find its way into your playlists this week, STAT!

πŸ§ͺ She’s BACK!!! This is the first new song to be released by the OG American Idol winner/ 4x winning The Voice coach/Emmy-winning talk-show host/3x Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter since her six-track covers EP, Kellyoke was dropped last summer. It will be a part of her forthcoming tenth studio album, Chemistry, slated for release on June 23rd!

πŸ’Š Miss Clarkson wishes her ex receives the same medicine she got when he betrayed her. By then, she hopes he will understand the damage that was done to the relationship and the emotional pain he inflicted on her. Very powerful verses and strong emotive vocal delivery all throughout the track. That epic bridge section, wow!!

πŸ€— I wish Kelly all the best moving forward! Hope her upcoming album was a rewarding and healing process!

“me” by Kelly Clarkson


πŸ—£ Do you get a hint of BeyoncΓ© vibes at the start of the song?!?

πŸ’’ The addition of the background choir enhances this song in my opinion. I felt like I was in a church ceremony!

🎢 What an aural experience this was! It’s got heart, soul, and passion all wrapped up in the span of three and a half minutes.

πŸ’ͺ This track complements the leading single, “mine” really well and I’m glad the pair has been dropped at the same time. When you’re ready to dust yourself off the floor and carry on, this song will leave you stronger and better than ever! Love yourself even more and enjoy the newfound independence (for now) because no relationship will truly support you in this moment of your life like the way you treat yourself.

What The Artist Said:

Clarkson shared on her Instagram the reason why she released both “mine” and “me” at once! She also details the meaning behind Chemistry.

Visit Kelly’s official merch site, here.

Tap here to get tickets to her summer Vegas residency in promotion of Chemistry!

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