AJR: “The Dumb Song” (First Reactions)

Happy NMF, April 21st, 2023! Pop trio AJR returns with a brand new single from their forthcoming TMM album. It’s called “The Dumb Song,” and I can safely say it’s not dumb at all! Find out more below!

Philip's Music Corner Presents: AJR's "The Dumb Song" for New Music Friday April 21, 2023.

“The Dumb Song” by AJR

Lyrics: https://genius.com/Ajr-the-dumb-song-lyrics

Note: All reactions corresponding to the music video are in italics.

You can always count on AJR to write and produce a song that illustrates the ups and downs in life. That streak continues with “The Dumb Song.”

0:02 🥁- I love how fast we start off with this drum beat. Love this behind the scenes feel to the music video! Finally get to see more of how the magic gets made!

0:14 🤯- Whoa! A whole year and a half this song took to get made! It’s a sweet feeling knowing they’ve been tinkering with it for this long and its finally released! You simply can’t rush greatness!

0:30 🧠- 1st verse seems to be an assertive stance against critics and naysayers about one’s flaws one might have. In this case, one’s stupidity, which of course is just someone’s perception. It’s not entirely true! Don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s room for growth in everyone!!

0:31 🎺- Why does this sound like “Christmas in June” but with trumpets?!? I also get official theme song vibes that would work well for a single-camera comedy show or a late-night talk show. Uptempo goodness going on here, I love it!!!

0:32 🎙️ – Cool microphone!

0:38 🐕- Shay cameo! I hope they get to headline MSG one day!

0:45 🩸💦🥹- A lot of blood, sweat, and tears in action!

0:47 🪑- Austin Alert!

0:48 – OMG! Proud of them for finally building their own studio room!

0:52 🏃🧑‍🏫- 2nd verse seems to be from a parent’s perspective over their child who has OCD or ADHD hence the Adderall reference, and the going back to college idea to hone one’s energies into something fruitful in life.

0:53 🌟- What a cozy looking studio!

1:00 ☮️- Whoa, groovy vibes here.

1:05 🎸 – They let Adam cook while the verses go into development!

1:12 🗣️🗣️🗣️- Interesting background gang vocals. Who’s voices are those?!? According to Genius, it’s Ryan’s girlfriend, Cat, Jack’s girlfriend Alba as well as friends Rob Piccione, Honore Balan, Nell Balan, Martin Lieberman, and Andrew “Andy” Sobelsohn whom are credited.

1:13 🛴 – Scooter sesh looked like fun!

1:17 🫣- Catchy chorus talks about the insecurities of one’s flaws (i.e. dumbness) and hiding from anymore criticism from one’s peers, family, friends, or total strangers.

1:37 💔📱- My interpretation of the third verse…I feel like this part talks about separation with varying expectations. A person might break up with someone just by text because it’s scary and or difficult to do so in person face to face.

1:42 🎿🎿- Ski sesh also looked like a blast was had! Hi Jack’s friends!

1:51 🕒- A respectable reason for another delay!

2:00 😮- Now we get some strange clarity/silver lining moment in the fourth verse. A dumb person would tend to dwell less on the state of the world whereas a more focused, intelligent person would likely worry a whole lot more if they heard all the madness the world is spewing as of late. Lots to digest here for sure!

2:02 🏄- My ears get surfer beach vibes here. I feel like I’m sitting on the sand on a relaxing beach at this moment.

2:09 💙- I would love to hear what the earlier iterations sounded like. Maybe Ryan can tease us with a snippet one day!

2:25 🎺📲 – Hi Arnetta! Voice video chat recording session ftw!

2:33 👏- Wow that refreshing transitionary distortion mix of sounds! Is that a bike horn being used or a whoopee cushion? Hmmm?

2:35 🎤- S/o to Andy and Martin again! Now we know Martin is tone deaf as the camera zooms in on his face. lol.

2:43 🤔- “You should not have done that!” It reminded me a little bit of Harry Styles’ goddaughter’s line in his song, “As It Was”: “Come on Harry, we wanna say goodnight to you.” I wonder if the band was influenced by that hit song. Regardless, this part put a smile on my face.

2:47 😊- Call me hooked already! This part is going to be a crowd-pleaser for sure. The da-da-da-da’s instrumentally matches similarly to the earworm of a melody in “Christmas In June!” Otherwise, if not for some reason, they got some deep explaining to do soon!

2:51 – S/o to Chloe, their 7-year-old neighbor who recorded her part of the “you should not have done that!” Wonder if she’s entitled to some of the song royalties now?! haha! I bet her parents are proud of this moment!

3:03 🏊- Nice dive Ryan!

3:06 🥄- What a relaxing looking picnic as we see Adam happily sipping on that soup!

3:16 🙏🏻 – I so want to hear the demo version badly!

3:29 🐶- OLLY CAMEO!

3:30 📖- Great wind-down moment here. It’s like turning the last page of a great chapter of a great book! Time to repeat the track! Who’s with me?!?

3:36 🎮- Wii Sports Sesh! I wonder who’s the better player?!

4:03 🙌- Agreed, it’s good to go!

Released 04.21.23 via Mercury Records

What The Artist Said:

Final Thoughts:

-This follow-up tune to “The DJ Is Crying For Help” doesn’t disappoint. You will enjoy this song if you’re a diehard AJR fan, a casual AJR listener, or a newly discoverer.

-Influences: I feel this song is part The Beach Boys and part Neon Trees sprinkled in with AJR’s pizzazz!

-I wonder if there’s any connection between this song and the ballad, “Turning Out, Pt. II” from Neotheater where Ryan sings, “Now I’m here writing this dumb song, ’cause I can’t even tell you the truth.”

-I can’t wait to hear how this sounds LIVE in person in concert one day! The TMM tour is going to be bonkers!

-I’m also looking forward to the day that Ryan breaks down the production of this song and reveals some Easter eggs to us! How about you!?!

-Check out co-director, Edoardo Ranaboldo’s dedication IG post:

Tap here to get tickets for their upcoming summer tour dates! Comment below letting me know how you liked this track and feel free to cast your vote on the poll below. 🙂

‘Til next time, stay safe, and happy listening! ✌️


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