Alesso ft. Zara Larsson: “Words” (First Reactions)

Happy NMF! This week’s spotlight pick will be featuring the latest collaboration between dance pop’s Alesso and pop artist Zara Larsson! Scroll on down to read my first reactions to the song and music video!

Released 04.22.22 via UMG Recordings

“Words” by Alesso featuring Zara Larsson


0:05 🤝🏻 Greek mythology seems to be the theme judging by the sculptures. By the way, this is the first time ever that these two Swedish artists have collaborated with each other.

0:10 🌞 Zara looks like a goddess with her golden dress. Her first verse talks about being in a relationship and wanting a clearer answer from her lover. “Are we more than [just] friends?” So the song will be dealing with the idea of commitment.

0:19 🤔 Alesso walks into the dimly lit scene with a golden jacket. Where is he going?

0:41 😰 You have the words “I love you” ready at the tip of your tongue. But something is pulling you back from saying it due to a number of reasons.

Example #1: You’re afraid they won’t say the same back to you.
Example #2: You’re not ready for a longer term relationship.

1:08 😤 Zara is losing her patience! You better make your decision quick or it’s sayonara to the relationship!

1:45 😰💖 I can tell there’s a contrast going on in the relationship. Alesso hides in the shadows and darkness (represents that confusion period) while Zara is mostly in the bright light (represents confidence and vitality in the relationship.)

2:19 😯 Ooo plot twist! I wonder what they’ll say to each other now that they’re face to face. I also wonder what couples in this same position will react.

🙏🏻 Best of luck if you find yourself in this situation.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this new electropop single from the two. I can’t believe it took this long for these two musicians to work with one another. I hope they collaborate again in the future! Definitely add this upbeat song to your playlists if you enjoy each (or both) of their previous works.

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